Enako shows off her beautiful bust in a refreshing white swimsuit “GIRLS graph.” Unrecorded cut released

An unrecorded cut was released on the 26th from the book “GIRLS graph.” (On sale / Takarajimasha) with cosplayer Enako on the cover. Enako This time, the ban was lifted on a cut that was not recorded in the magazine, wearing the same swimsuit as the regular cover. The beautiful bust that you can see from the white swimsuit and the refreshing smile are impressive. At a press conference held on the 23rd, Enako said, “I didn’t know which costume photo would be used for the cover, so I always asked him to use any costume for the cover.” Please use any! I shot it like that. ” Enako was appointed as a Cool Japan Ambassador, won the “All Japan Gravure Award 2020” Grand Prix and “Gravure! Award” Grand Prix, appeared on “Jonetsu Tairiku”, and made her debut as an artist with the mini album “Dress Re Cord”. It was a year of great leap forward. In this book, the latest gravure shots such as the cute and sexy “Japanese swimsuit” figure of Enako and the cute cat ears style are recorded in a large volume of 24 pages, and a member of PP Enterprise to which Enako belongs (similar bird). Sayaka, Kokoro Shinozaki, Saki Miyamoto, Tsunko, Saki Yoshida) jack the front cover, back cover, and beginning. In addition, more than 70 beautiful women on SNS such as Minori Inudo, Saya Kataoka, Yuchami Furukawa, Kyouka, Haru Tachibana, Negi Kujo, Aimin, Soutennoharrya, Sayaka Ito, and Asaka Higashi have appeared. Color the magazine.