Hayato Sano shows off his upper body trained in his first solo dance!

Dance vocal unit M! LK (Hayato Sano, Daichi Shiozaki, Sota Sono, Jutaro Yamanaka, Jinto Yoshida) delivered a live “SWEET CHRISTMAS ~ GO GO 2021 ~” on the 26th. M! LK Sono did not participate because of the examination on this day, but the power did not decline even with four people, and it was a lively live delivery live like the end of the year packed with various charms of M! LK. At the beginning, the live started from the solo dance performance of the members. Sano, who tried solo dance for the first time this time, took off his shirt at the end with a powerful dance and surprised the audience with his trained upper body. After that, in “Milky Snow” and “Lingabel” (new song), the members sang happily around the Christmas tree, and after sandwiching the greeting MC, “last moment” and “I’ts only LOVE” were sweet and perfect for Christmas. He also sings love songs. In the meantime, a “Munekyun video” that allows you to enjoy a date with M! LK members from her perspective is played, and after feeling a happy lover with the members, a love song “Ai to Aizu” that conveys your honest feelings toward your lover. Continued to. On the other hand, in “To a World You Don’t Know”, a bed is placed in the middle of the stage, showing the charm of adult M! LK with annoying eyes and fingertip movements. In addition, various charms of M! LK such as “ERA” and “Winding Road” with life-sized and emotional lyrics and songs, and encore “Ternero Fighter” wearing a cow’s headgear associated with the zodiac next year He showed off generously and continued to excite the audience from beginning to end. Continuing from the previous time, Shiozaki joined the live performance, but this time as well, there were many playful and playful productions. In “DEAR LIFE”, the members will perform one performance because they will tell the fortune of next year between songs. Shiozaki had a performance of catching and pointing the thrown fruit with a sword, Yamanaka turned four hula hoops at the same time, Sano performed magic, and Yoshida tried a tricycle but could not ride it well and caused a happening that he fell. .. In the project where members continue to select Christmas gifts for their fans, there are also scenes where each individuality and taste can be glimpsed. Yamanaka, who has a deep knowledge of fashion, chose a fashionable safety pin that can be used for fashion remakes as a gift, and Sano chose pajamas, rugs, and heart cushions. I was impressed. The last MC said, “There were so many things this year. Were we able to give you smiles, power and hope? We got a lot of power from you to do our best for you. We will continue to walk with you, “(Sano), and all the members bow deeply and express their gratitude to the fans. When it was announced that the Higashi-Meihan Tour would be held in the spring of 2021, each member was happy to say, “I can finally meet everyone!” This live will be time-shifted to Nico Nico Live Broadcasting until 23:59 on January 9, 2021 (viewing is for premium members only).

set list

M1: Over The Storm (Instrument)
M2: Joushou Sikou Climber (Instrument)
M3: May
M4: MAGIC CARPET (instrument)
M5: Over the Storm (Instrument)
M6: Milky Snow
M7: Ringabel
M8: We’re Here !!!
M9: Space Jamboree
Shopping location planning (video)

M11: last moment
M12: I’ts only LOVE
M13: Love and cues
M14: To a world you don’t know
M15: Brave Saga
M16: ERA
M17: Winding Road
M18: Ternero Fighter
M19: Thank you! N ・ D ・ K
M21: By the time the cherry blossoms bloom Photo: Kenichi Sasamori, Shigeo Kosaka