KAMAITACHI, Majirab is “a champion without complaint” “surprised by the controversy”

Kenji Yamauchi and Ryuichi Hamaya of the laughing combination KAMAITACHI will appear on the Fuji TV talk show “Wide na Show” (every Sunday from 10:00 to 11:15), which will be broadcast on the 27th. He talked about “1 Grand Prix 2020” (ABC TV / TV Asahi). KAMAITACHI (Ryuichi Hamaya, Kenji Yamauchi from the left) On this day, Magical Lovely, who won the tournament, will appear as a guest. When asked to comment by the moderator Koji Higashino, the Hamaya praised, “I definitely thought it was the most awesome M-1 champion,” and said, “In the end, the most awesome person in that time zone won the championship. It’s a rule. ” Yamauchi was also surprised at the “manzai controversy” that occurred on the Internet about the definition of manzai, saying “I was surprised that there was a controversy”, and congratulated the “M-1 champion without complaint” and the victory of Magical Lovely. He also mentioned that Magical Lovely Crystal Noda won the “R-1 Grand Prix” and laughed at him by saying, “When it comes to R-1, it’s an irregular champion created by an unattended audience.” For Noda, this “mouth attack” does not seem to have started now, saying “I’m trying to make it unofficial”, and he complained that “I will treat it like this year’s Koshien. Was there.