Mana Ashida makes her debut in “Kirin ga Kuru” Aware of “preparation as a woman living in the Warring States period”

The NHK Taiga drama “Kirin ga Kuru” starring Hiroki Hasegawa (every Sunday from 20:00). Actress Mana Ashida, who plays Akechi Mitsuhide’s daughter, Tama, will appear for the first time in the 38th “Tamba Strategy Order” broadcast on the 27th. Mana Ashida, who plays Akechi Mitsuhide’s daughter, Tama, is Kishi’s younger sister. Hosokawa Gracia, a beautiful girl who has an innocent personality and supports Mitsuhide’s heart. Ashida said, “When I decided to appear in” Kirin ga Kuru “, I was asked to say” I’m going to have a taiga drama “wherever I go, and I felt that it was a work loved by everyone. I was very happy to participate in such a work, and I was really happy to have the role of Tama (later Gracia), which I admired among the women of the Warring States. ” talk. Also, “I talked to the director and producer before entering the work, and sometimes I have a very strong core, and I am prepared to live in the Warring States even though I am young, so I want you to play it as a basis. I was told. The image of Gracia that I had so far also envisioned a cool woman with a strong core, so I played with that in mind, “explained the role-making. “And sometimes, my mother, Tsumaki Hiroko, is the ideal woman. I think she wanted to be as warm and kind as her mother, and to support her beloved father and family. , I played Tama. Please take a look. ” (C) NHK