Production decision for the third season of the anime “IDOLiSH7”! Details of the second soundtrack are also revealed

The production of the third season of the TV anime “IDOLiSH7” has been decided. This was revealed in the final episode of “IDOLiSH7 Second BEAT!” Broadcast today on December 27th. Details will be announced at any time on the official TV anime website and Twitter. Details about the second season soundtrack “BEYOND THE SHiNE”, which will be released on January 13, 2021, have also arrived. Including the anime size version of the opening and ending theme song, the 10th episode ending theme song “It’s ALL-for you-“, the 12th episode insert song “Last Dimension (Symphonic Edition)”, and the 15th sung by TRIGGER and IDOLiSH7. The full size of the story insert song “Gekijou” is also recorded. The soundtrack will include the event “Idolish Seven Orchestra -Second SYMPHONY-” to be held at Feh Nietzsche Sakai, Osaka on March 6th and 7th, and at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall in Kanagawa on April 8th and 9th. Includes ticket advance lottery application ticket. In addition, some retail stores also offer purchase benefits such as postcards and bromide. The TV anime “IDOLiSH7” is based on the smartphone app game “IDOLiSH7”, whose character is Arina Tanemura. The first period was broadcast from January to May 2018, and the second period started in April 2020. Three volumes of Blu-ray / DVD of “IDOLiSH7 Second BEAT!” Will be released on January 27th. (c) BNOI / Ainana Production Committee