Sayaka Mitori, a fascinating body line “GIRLS graph.” Not included in her underwear

From the book “GIRLS graph. (Girls Graph)” (on sale / Takarajimasha) with cosplayer Enako on the cover, an unrecorded cut of “Queen of Instagram gravure” Sayaka Mitori was released on the 27th. Sayaka Mitori This time, the one that was released this time is an unrecorded piece showing off lingerie in bed. The cut has a supple body line, and the magazine says that it will gradually undress from the fur knit x skirt outfit. This book contains the latest gravure shot of Enako, which made a big leap this year, in a large volume of 24 pages, and members of PP Enterprise to which Enako belongs (Sayaka Mitori, Kokoro Shinozaki, Saki Miyamoto, Tsunko, Saki Yoshida) jacks the front cover, back cover, and beginning. In addition, more than 70 beautiful women on SNS such as Minori Inudo, Saya Kataoka, Yuchami Furukawa, Kyouka, Haru Tachibana, Negi Kujo, Aimin, Soutennoharrya, Sayaka Ito, and Asaka Higashi have appeared. Color the magazine.