Hiroki Hasegawa finishes shooting “Kirin ga Kuru” Realizes that “Taiga drama is Japanese culture”

Hiroki Hasegawa, the actor who starred in the NHK Taiga drama “Kirin ga Kuru” (every Sunday from 20:00), was cranked up on the 27th. Hiroki Hasegawa The main character, Akechi Mitsuhide, started shooting from June 3, 2019, and overcame the unexpected three-month shooting suspension period at the start of shooting, and played the main character, Akechi Mitsuhide. .. Mitsuhide is heading towards the “Honnoji Incident”. The 44th round on February 7, 2021 will be the final round. ■ Comment by Hiroki Hasegawa
Thank you very much to everyone! I haven’t realized it yet, but I was really relieved to be able to crank up anyway. It was a long and steep road, but I would like to express my gratitude to each of the performers and staff. I was impressed by the professionalism of the staff.
I really felt that the taiga drama is Japanese culture, and I definitely wanted to continue this, and I wanted to connect it later. I hope that Kirin will come even in this world. Thank you everyone! ■ Comment from Executive Producer Masaru Ochiai
Congratulations to Hiroki Hasegawa for cranking up! I think the hardships and pressures of playing Akechi Mitsuhide for a long time have been great.
If you think about it, it was a taiga drama where various troubles came down, including the unprecedented event of interruption of shooting and broadcasting due to the new coronavirus. However, no matter what kind of trouble occurs, Mr. Hasegawa strongly believes in the world view of Professor Shunsaku Ikehata, struggles with the image of Akechi Mitsuhide spun by Mr. Ikehata, and always thinks about the meaning of sending this story to the present age. He pulled the team with no attitude. The long and long struggle that would have been a big shave was all reflected in Mitsuhide’s play in the finished work, and I think it shined a special shine in the center of this 21st century version of the Sengoku epic. .. Like the real Akechi Mitsuhide, who showed pride in his painful life.
“Kirin ga Kuru” will be the first year-round broadcast in the history of a taiga drama. From the beginning of the year, we will reach a big climax toward the transformation of Honnoji as the final chapter. It’s a difficult time, but as an entertainment in the living room, I hope you enjoy watching it until the end with a surprising ending! (C) NHK