“Back World Picnic”, in-car advertising jack on Enshu Railway! Published a scene shot of the OP video

The TV anime “Ura Sekai Picnic” is scheduled to start broadcasting in January 2021. In commemoration of the broadcast, an in-car advertising jack will be held at “Enshu Railway”. “Kisaragi Station” is known for its online ghost stories. A woman on a train departing from Shin-Hamamatsu Station writes an unnatural situation in the car on an online bulletin board and gets off at the non-existent “Kisaragi Station”. It is said to have happened from January 8th to 9th, 2009. It was talked about that it might have been the stage of the series of events, “Enshu Railway” where the in-car advertising jack is held this time. From December 31st to January 13th, vehicles of the “Back World Picnic” will be in operation. ● CHiCO with HoneyWorks’opening CM using the OP theme “Ugly Creatures” CHiCO with HoneyWorks’ opening theme “Ugly Creatures” is used on the official website. In addition, a new scene cut of the OP video was released. The mystery of the “back world” where the sky fish and Toriko encounter, Kozakura, the two advisors, and Akari Seto, nicknamed “Karateka”, appear in the sky fish. The TV anime “Ura Sekai Picnic” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from January 4, 2021. For details, see the official anime website. (C) Iori Miyazawa / Hayakawa Publishing / DS Lab