US Republican lawmaker severely criticizes President Trump

US Senator Pat Toomey (Republican, Pennsylvania) and Congressman Adam Kinzinger (Republican, Illinois) have severely criticized the soon-to-be-finished president on a TV show on the morning of the 27th. .. One of them even accused his political party of hanging with the president and driving people “violently” on the grounds of election fraud.

Rep. Kinzinger is one of the few incumbent Republicans who is not afraid to turn to the president. The White House also mentioned that President Trump refused to sign, even though he was involved in negotiations on the COVID-19 bailout bill, saying he would just want to cause confusion.

“It’s a common palm-back strategy. I don’t know what it means to do this. Why did this happen? I can only think of it as annoyed because of confusion, showing power, and losing the election. Hmm, otherwise you can’t understand, because this must happen. So many people rely on this bill. “

In addition, lawmakers said it was a fraudulent attempt to steal the presidential election from a colleague’s ridiculous plan to dispute the task of confirming the electoral college vote scheduled for January 6. I called it.

“There will be a bit of turmoil, but it’s a fraud, and for some reason Congress is trying to persuade the public that each state can overturn the final election results. The proceedings also support one thing. Congress can change the outcome of the election, even though there was no

He said the scams could make a profit on the motives of President Trump and his councilor.

“They are collecting donations for these scams. It’s a scam. Those who believe that this election has been robbed and believe that it’s time to change will be discouraged,” said Kin. Rep. Zinger went on to say: “But instead of disappointing those who have driven these scams, they don’t know what they are these days, but let’s convince so-called Republicans that they can change elections instead of the Constitution. “

President Trump’s amnesty is “abuse of power”

Rep. Kinzinger is worried that militants like QAnon’s followers will be violent because politicians say the elections have been robbed.

“January 6 is a big concern. Congress can change legitimate elections, everything has been robbed, deep state and QAnon conspiracy theories swirl behind it, worship demonism Persuading the public that pediatric lovers dominate the government could lead to violence, “said lawmakers.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey also attacked a bit when talking about President Trump’s recent behavior on Fox News Sunday. The recent series of amnesty by President Trump is called “abuse of power” and amnesty to Paul Manafort and his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s father Charles Kushner and Roger Stone. He said it was because he had a close relationship with President Trump.

“It’s terrible, because despite tax evasion, bank fraud, witness acquisitions, and obstruction of justice, I am amnesty because I am close to the president,” said Toomy, who said he would not be reelected in 2022. ing.

He also carefully selected words about the president’s move to boycott the COVID-19 bailout bill, but if the president did not sign the bill, he would “name him as president of confusion and pain, sudden action.” Will be left behind. “

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