Shoko Takahashi looks back on her musical life in 2020 “I never went to festivals or live performances”

Music serialization column of sexy actress Shoko Takahashi. This time we look back on 2020.

2020 was a tough year for many. The spread of the new coronavirus infection has forced various events, including the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, to be canceled, postponed, or scaled down.

On the music side, festivals and live performances were canceled one after another. The situation where foreign artists cannot come to Japan continues to this day. I went to various festivals and live performances every year, but in 2020 I never went there. “Miyakojima Rock Festival” scheduled to be held in May. I was thinking of going for the first time, but it was canceled and I was very disappointed. “Countdown Japan” at the end of the year, which I thought could be held, was also canceled, and I realized that it was a year when I had less chance to come into contact with music.

I’ve always been helped a lot by listening to music when I’m depressed. In this difficult situation, many artists acted to overcome it with listeners from an early stage.

For example, you can announce music that calls for you to stay at home on SNS, listen to songs that are close to reality through collaboration between artists, and even under such circumstances, you can see the feelings of helping each other, showing a little brightness in the uneasy future. I got it. I think music has the power to help people.

Also, what I felt was that the live stream and the live stream were different. As the number of artists holding unattended live performances has increased, I have also increased the number of people participating in live performances. Although it was safe, I was lonely because I couldn’t feel the vibration transmitted live and I couldn’t return the response such as cheering in the same space. I was convinced by the words that artists often say, “Live is a living thing.”

The wish for 2021 is that the new coronavirus will converge and that the place where everyone will gather will be restored. I couldn’t do much music because of the corona, but I was able to slowly look back at myself. Perhaps the situation will get worse again in the future, and now I want to move forward as much as I can while being careful about safety.

I’m looking forward to seeing how new music born in 2020 will meet in 2021.

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