★ Today’s fortune ★ 12 Horoscope ranking No. 1 …? ★ December 31 ★

Today’s fortune-telling delivered by the entertainment news & column “TOKYO FM +” from the radio. “12 constellation ranking & one point advice” What is your fortune today?

[1st place]Scorpio

A day when things that have been accumulated so far start to turn around well. In particular, you may get advice and opportunities from your superiors, so be sure to rely on them. Instead of trying to do your best, look at what you have. Eating something in a circle will improve your luck.

[2nd place]Cancer

The day when you can do what you couldn’t do before. Let’s challenge what you were not good at or somehow kept away. A casual word from others may lead to a big hint. If you breathe deeper than usual ◎

[3rd place]Capricorn

A day when communication is so good that it feels good. Even if it’s a little daunting or difficult to say, it should be easy to convey today. Don’t be afraid to talk for the first time, let’s talk comfortably. If you have a yellow accessory, it will be smoother.


A day when you can feel exciting changes. Getting to know different people and getting in touch with new sensibilities is likely to make your heart dance. You may hesitate at first, but let’s dive in. Wearing purple clothes will make you more excited.


A day when you can enjoy each other with many people. It seems that there is something to do with celebrating with someone and having a good time. If you don’t have anything, you can just touch the atmosphere that seems to be fun. If you use a glass or a sake cup for drinks ◎


The day when unexpected chances and luck come. When you help the people around you, it seems that happy things will come naturally. Also, it may be useful in the future if you keep an antenna on overseas information. A good flow when you look at the night sky.


A day when we reach one goal and see a new path. Looking back on my career so far, it seems that the next flow will come. It’s early when you start, so make sure you have your feet firmly. If you go to a place where you can see the soil, you will feel calm.


A day when it is important to prepare your surroundings. Don’t be too greedy, try to do what you can. Don’t overdo it and be aware of how comfortable you are. Moderate SNS. When you eat konjac ◎


A day when you are looking for a space where you can feel honest. Whether at work or in private, it may be difficult to cheat on your true intentions. Ask again if you are lying to yourself. Read thicker books and magazines than usual.


A day when you are likely to face your own bearishness. You may find that what you have given up is actually something you can do smoothly. Once you work hard, you may find an unexpected answer immediately. If you use the elevator or stairs ◎


A day when it is likely to put a strain on your body. It seems that there is a lot of stress both physically and mentally, such as being easily tired and frustrated. Let’s finish the troublesome things today and try to relax. Don’t forget to rely on others. Eating fermented foods will help your body rest.


A day that seems to be swayed by the beliefs of others. You may be told that something that doesn’t matter is important, or conversely, you may be lightly seen what is important. You are growing yourself, so be confident in what you are doing. If you are in a place exposed to light, your luck will recover.

[Today’s message]
A little more in 2020. What kind of year will the new year be? Even if you have anxiety, nothing can move forward. If you do what you can and take responsibility for yourself, there is nothing to bind you. I wish you a free 2021.

■ Supervisor profile: Kenta Kusanagi
Belongs to Ikebukuro Fortune-telling Hall Serene. The number of appraisals exceeds 7,000, mainly for young women, and he also supervises fortune-telling events and apps. In addition, he is also active as an event MC and a voice actor, and there are many requests from people involved in the performing arts.
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