Check your luck and good luck in January 2021!

happy New Year. 2021 has finally started. I want to make this year a good year as well. Now, let me introduce the good luck behavior in January. New Year, when the old gods visit their homes. For this reason, it has long been a custom to prepare osechi dishes at the end of the year, refrain from cooking, and quietly welcome the New Year. Continuing from last year, the energy of gold will continue in 2021. 2021 is a year of good luck when it comes to elegance and luxury. It is also a year of great fortune. Large amounts of money tend to collect in places where there is plenty of room. In the New Year, it will be Daikichi if you spend a relaxing time with plenty of time. Good luck action you want to do right now January has many events to celebrate the New Year. Let’s eat Nanakusa-gayu on January 7th, the first day of the Gosekku. Nanakusa-gayu is said to exterminate evil spirits and keep illness away. It is said that in the olden days, it was eaten in the hope of a successful career. The seven herbs of spring are “Seri, Nazuna, Gogyo, Chickweed, Hotoke no Za, Suzuna, Suzushiro”. Let’s make the Kagami mochi that was displayed on New Year’s Day Zenzai when the mirror opens. Kagami mochi is where God lived on New Year’s Day, and Zenzai has the power to draw ties. In other words, zenzai made from kagami mochi is the best power food to improve your romance. Bad luck behavior that should not be done Winter soil will start from January 17th. It is time for the energy of the soil to flourish. Until February 2nd, when the soil is over, it is said that the god Dokushin, who controls the soil, will be the amulet. It is said that it is not good because there is a concern that disaster will occur if you mess with the soil. In addition to touching the soil such as gardening and moving, refrain from starting new things such as marriage and opening of business, which are events that greatly affect your life. There is a direction called earthen killing for earthenware, which is harmful when you go out. For winter soil, Tohoku will be killed. Be very careful when you go to Tohoku. If you really need to, work on January 18th, 19th, 21st, 30th, 31st, and 2nd. This day is called Mabi, and it is said that there is no problem because the earth god goes to the heavens. The turning point of the season is when you are apt to get sick. It is also a gentle wisdom from ancient times that it is not good to decide important things in an unstable state. Get a good night’s sleep and be careful about your health. What do you think. It is also good to calm down at the beginning of the year and make a plan for the year. It will be a big good luck action. The total for the year is on New Year’s Day.

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