Misato Ugaki, Rino Katase and “God” Asako Ito save 50,000 yen trip

TV TOKYO will broadcast “Asako / Rino / Misato’s 50,000 Yen Trip New Year 2.5 Hours SP Karuizawa-Kurobe Dam” (21: 00-) on the 2nd. From the left, Misato Ugaki, Rino Katase, Rino Katase, who loves Asako Ito, and Asako Ito will take part in a gachinko-saving trip, this time free announcer Misato Ugaki. A trip of 50,000 yen for a total of 3 people for 2 days and 1 night, connecting the Shinano Railway and bus from Karuizawa, aiming for the goal at Kurobe Dam in Toyama Prefecture. Research using smartphones is completely prohibited, and the program requires you to find a place to stop by and negotiate for shooting. The three of them are excited about the discoveries and experiences that come from a haphazard trip, and there are plenty of games such as New Year’s gifts and battledore.

Asako Ito comment

Looking back, it was so much fun that Rino-san, who loves shirasu, didn’t say “shirasu”. (Rino “I forgot, Shirasu!”) It was a rich trip with nature, local specialties, and delicious sake.
Since it was a New Year’s special, it was probably the best trip because the three of us had the greatest luck and power. It’s a great start to drink and catch up and take a hot spring bath.

Rino Katase comment

I didn’t think Nagano prefecture was so big. Also, each city has its own personality, and I think it’s a very nice place.
We recommend the Zenkoji Sanmon, which was raised to the second floor by three people! The food was delicious, and everyone was very nice, and I was grateful for the warm welcome of people from Tokyo at this time of year. We have a lot of luck! Thanks to you, we had a good trip!

Misato Ugaki Comment

Everything I went to had new discoveries, and I thought there were still many things I didn’t know. I especially enjoyed Komoro Castle. There were a lot of animals with taste, and the autumn leaves were so beautiful that I wondered what kind of expression it would look like in spring, so I wanted to go to see the nostalgic gardens of each of the four seasons.
In the game, thanks to Rino-san, I was saved in a crisis, and I thought Rino-san was a “god.” I can’t sleep with my feet turned. It was really fun.

Comment from Kensaku Kimura Producer

The 50,000 yen trip, in which three liquor lovers aim for a goal with a travel expense of 50,000 yen, has reached the 7th edition of this New Year’s special. Aiming for the best dam in Japan from Karuizawa, Kurobe Dam in Toyama while having fun exchanging sake cups from the morning like New Year’s Day! New Year’s Day is a big excitement for the New Year’s challenge! You can heal yourself, enjoy the taste of Shinshu, and enjoy a New Year’s trip, but just before the final goal, a rainy day is waiting for you.
We hope that you will enjoy the excitement of “Travel is such a thing” while exchanging sake cups with people who are not comfortable during the New Year holidays.