NiziU, Coca-Cola CM video release New song dance and MAYUKA’s BD surprise

Girls group NiziU will appear in Coca-Cola’s new commercial “This moment is me.” The commercial will be broadcast nationwide from the 4th, and a station advertisement with a total length of 35 meters will also be posted. The new song “Take a picture” was adopted as the CM song. From Coca-Cola’s new commercial “This moment is me.” NiziU’s two-day shooting starts with shooting the dance scene and the rooftop scene. First of all, the members started stretching the preparatory movement, but when the song played, they started dancing with conditioned reflexes, and the scene was wrapped in a smile as the practice started suddenly. The members are excited to shoot the rooftop scene with a panoramic view of Tokyo. In the scenes lined up side by side, the members who took the same pose were instructed to “pose freely”. He said, “I wore it after all,” and decided on a pose full of individuality with a serious expression for the second time. On the second day of shooting at the house studio, we gave a birthday surprise to MAYUKA, who celebrated his birthday the day before. At the end of the shooting, members appeared with an improvised birthday song, “MA-YUKA! Congratulations ♪ Birthday! Congratulations ♪” under MAYUKA on standby. The surprise was a great success with the cake and birthday card. MAYUKA was surprised at the sudden event, but when the candle was blown out, he and the members ate the cake deliciously. The birthday card says, “I’m about to cry, so I want to read it after I get home.” This surprise will also appear in the main part of the commercial. Finally, I heard the members’ “personal moments” on the new commercial broadcast. ■ MAKO
I think the moment of writing a diary is the most personal moment. I write a diary at the end of the day every day, so I love that moment the most. ■ RIKU
I’m eating something. When I’m eating, I’m really happy, and I can forget about things I don’t like and concentrate on eating deliciously, so I think it’s a moment when I can be as I am. ■ RIMA
I really like doing steady work such as puzzles, and when I’m focused on one thing, I’m so focused that other people don’t even notice my name. I think that moment is the most like me. ■ RIO
I’m dancing. I’ve been here since I was little, and considering that I’ve been practicing hard to improve myself, I think it’s the most personal moment. ■ MAYA
I think I’m most like myself when I’m cooking. It’s a lot of fun when I’m cooking, and I love to see everyone eating deliciously when I serve them to everyone. ■ MAYUKA
I’m playing with a cat. I have two cats at my parents’ house, but I think I can be the best one when I’m playing with them. ■ AYAKA
I’m making a video call with my mom. I like that moment the most because I think I’m most like myself when I’m talking silly and laughing. ■ NINA
My favorite moment is when I’m painting. Whenever I draw a picture, I can relax very much without thinking about anything, so I think it’s my favorite moment.