The full version of the blockbuster digital photo book is now on sale for a cat with a sexy baby-faced girl, Hazuki Tsubasa.

The full version of Hazuki Tsubasa’s digital limited photo book “Tsubasa Cat” has been released.

[Photo]Hazuki Tsubasa dressed as a cat, bold but neat and clean

Hazuki Tsubasa, a popular gravure idol who is breaking with a bold shot from the baby face. In addition to gravure, he is also active as an illustrator and screenwriter, and the first photo book released this summer has become a hot topic.

In October of this year, the digital limited edition photobooks “Black” and “White” were released. Hazuki, who was transformed into a “Tsubasa Cat” with cat ears in her uniform, became a mess. This time, in response to the big hits of those two books, a full version of 220 cuts was released with plenty of additional cuts.

It is a book that you can fully enjoy living together with “Tsubasa Cat”, which is strangely friendly but rebellious and free but somewhat lonely.

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