Aoi Fujino makes her gravure debut with a 100cm I-cup bust

Aoi Fujino, a gravure idol, has released the latest image DVD “walk!” (On sale 4,180 yen including tax Publisher: Spice Visual). Aoi Fujino, who released the DVD “walk!” Aoi Fujino, who will make her gravure debut on the same DVD, is 22 years old with a 100cm I-cup bust raised by her hometown, Kanazawa. The three sizes are B100, W61, H86 and the body balance is excellent from the top, and expectations are high for success from next year onwards. An I-cup bust appears from the beginning. Fujino, who runs to the beach, shakes his bust up, down, left and right, and turns his smile toward the camera, giving him a new look. The scene continues to be relatively refreshing, but the camera captures the I-cup bust, such as crawl on all fours or lie down on the beach. When I returned to the room, it turned into a sexy face that I couldn’t think of as a newcomer. In the bathroom wearing an eyepatch swimsuit, the scene of the last bed, which is confusing with a small devilish expression and captivates men with sexy gestures, is a highlight.