“Escape shame” Even after marriage “Muzukyun” “Full in the family” Nasuda P, feelings for further sequels

The sequel to the TBS drama “Escape is Shameful but Useful” that was broadcast in the October 2016 period and caused a big boom, “Escape is Shameful but Useful Ganbare Mankind! New Year Special !!” is finally on the 2nd (21:00) today. It will be broadcast from 23:25). At the time of the serial drama, the word “Muzukyun” was born and became lively. Producer Jun Nasuda says that even if the new work changes its shape, “Muzukyun” remains the same as the important theme of “escape shame.” “Escape is shameful but useful” Yui Aragaki (left) as Mikuri Moriyama and Gen Hoshino and Tadashi Taira as “work” got married as a “work” and became a romantic relationship while living under the same roof. It’s been four years since the drama series, which depicts a story that develops. Based on the 10th and 11th volumes of the original work by Tsunami Umino, he depicts a bright and two-person overcome while suffering and suffering from a real marriage that is not just sweet. The stage is from early summer 2019 to early summer 2020, and the current situation is also a story. The script continued to be written by Akiko Nogi. Mr. Nasuda says that “Muzukyun” is by no means just for couples in love. “Until you get married, it’s easy to understand as a love story the feelings of muzzle and kyun that are expressed by the word muzzle, but even after getting married, there are a lot of muzzle in the relationship of family. Sometimes, you can understand each other and make it Kyun. It is both a parent and a child and a couple. “And” Even if the shape has changed, there is Musukun no matter how old you are, and there is excitement and fun. “Escape shame” that you can enjoy different Musukun even if you become a family, not only when you are young, but also after that, “Muzukyun” explained that it will last a lifetime. I want to keep going. ” Mr. Nasuda has told Mr. Umino of the original story from the time of the serial drama, “I want to make it a drama until the two have grandchildren.” “I don’t know if it will happen, but how Mikuri and Tadashi grow with their families and how they change with their families.” Escape shame “occurs in our immediate surroundings. It’s a comedy that weaves in various ways of thinking and moods of that era, and I think it’s interesting to draw even if the two are older, so I want Mr. Unno to continue drawing. ” After the broadcast of the New Year Special, there is no doubt that viewers will want to see Mikuri and Tadashi afterwards. Mr. Nasuda said, “I think it’s important for everyone to think about what they can draw when they spin a story, and when they have something to come up with. I don’t know if it will happen, but I wish I could do it. ” As a fan of “Escape Shame”, I definitely hope that it will be realized. (C) TBS