“Objective-C”on par with–a programming language”Swift”thinking

“Objective-C”, lot of developers mind as a programming language. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) to”C”programming language combined with the features of the language as born,NefXT and Apple’s OS,”NeXTSTEP””OS X”,”iOS”of the standard programming language was.

Apple in 2010 started to develop”Swift”, some in the field of Objective-C on par with the new programming language. Specifically, the type safety and security are equivalent, and the hardware on the performance of Objective-C above. Swift is Objective-C than 2. More than 6 times faster, and”Python”than 8. More than 4 times faster. “Swift 1.0″is 2014 the Year 9 conference.


I don’t see what’s the problem here:Apple’s latest programming language, type safety, security, performance excellent. iOS,”macOS,””OS””tvOS”app that you can use to develop.

Why important:students will be able to learn in an easy to learn programming language, so many students,newbies,experienced Mac developer or iOS developer,Swift development of skills of working to improve. Also, Apple’s Swift support for the company’s OS, as well as other platforms in the development of this.

Who is affected:I developed the app,”iOS 7″and later iOS devices, and”OS X 10.9″since the Mac can run.

From available: the latest version of”Xcode”is now available.

How do I get it from:Swift the latest version of Xcode to”Mac App Store”or”Apple Developer Center”from the download and available. Once Xcode is installed, Swift and Objective-C compiler(LLVM)is installed on your Mac that.

Objective-C and how it is different from

Apple Objective-C language to abolish the plan announced(rather the update to continue), but Swift is rapidly Objective-C, and overtake Apple on the platform of the adoption of the to expand.

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