Satomi Ishihara’s press conference delivered on YouTube and LINE LIVE! Akira Terao, Osamu Mukai, Ryo Katsuji appeared

A press conference of TV TOKYO’s New Year drama special “The Best Gift of Life” (20:00 to 21:54 on the 4th), starring actress Satomi Ishihara, will be held on the 3rd. “The best gift of life” This work was originally written by Yoshikazu Okada, a scriptwriter who received the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2019, and was directed by Kan Ishibashi, who received the Order of the Rising Sun in 2011. Former university lecturer translator Ryosuke Sasai (Akira Terao) suddenly returns his only daughter, Yuriko (Satomi Ishihara). Until now, the conversation between “father and daughter” has not been neglected, so there is an awkward atmosphere between the two. Although they live in a tense but warm and calm manner, the time left in their daughter’s life was actually short. The press conference will be distributed from 15:00 on the 3rd, the day before the broadcast. Satomi Ishihara, Satoshi Terao, Osamu Mukai, and Ryo Katsuji will appear and can be seen on TV TOKYO official YouTube or TV TOKYO official LINE LIVE. Official screenshot times of the performers are also planned.