Taishi Nakagawa discovers treasure in “Pulling out all the water in the pond” !? Exhibited at Saga Castle Honmaru History Museum

TV TOKYO said on the 3rd, “Emergency SOS! Great strategy to pull out all the water in the pond! All 100 ponds were pulled out! Treasure & monster 2021. It came out! A historic discovery for the first time in 400 years! ! ”(17: 55 ~) will be broadcast. Taishi Nakagawa’s program has been receiving a lot of attention since it was broadcast in January 2017 with the concept of “pulling out all the water in the pond” with Atsushi Tamura (London Boots No. 1 and No. 2) and Naoki Tanaka (Cocorico) acting as MCs. The series is currently being broadcast once a month. This time, actors Taishi Nakagawa and Tokio Emoto will participate in the New Year’s annual Meijo project. Nakagawa, the new ace of Ikemizu, who will appear for the first time in a month and a half, is the first to drain the moat and search for treasure. “I wanted to experience it once as a fan of this program. I want to find something that will be news. I am enthusiastic. MC Kokoriko Tanaka and the two headed to Saga Castle, one of Japan’s Top 100 Castles, to drain water from the moat near Honmaru, which has not been drained for 400 years since its construction. When I heard from an expert that if Nabeshima ware, a high-class porcelain from the Saga domain, was found, it would be worth 100 million yen, and the two were motivated. However, when the bottom of the moat was exposed, the sludge that had accumulated for 400 years was quite deep, and even MC Kokoriko Tanaka was in a harsh scene that was “tough”. I struggle with a bitter smile. Even so, when he manages to capture the creatures, he discovers a large jelly-like alien species that first appeared in the program in sludge. In the treasure hunt, the three people who are enthusiastic about “come out 100 million!” Are groping for the bottom of the moat where nothing can be seen while soaking in sludge, and Cocorico Tanaka discovers a pottery with a chrysanthemum pattern. .. As the time for the return flight approaches, Nakagawa, who says “I still want to do it,” delays one flight and extends the treasure hunt. Then, what I found was worth it, and this time it became the number one treasure, and Nakagawa will also show an episode of the fateful encounter of that treasure. The treasure discovered by Nakagawa will be exhibited at the Saga Castle Honmaru History Museum from January 22nd. The more greedy the three people are struggling, the more attention is paid to the fact that the pattern book says, “I want to do it as a staying plan.” In addition, Masakiyo Maezono and Nana Suzuki went to Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto in response to the SOS “I want to clean the pond damaged by the heavy rain in Kumamoto.” After witnessing the town still in the process of reconstruction, the two revive the pond with all their might, hoping to do as much as they can. In addition, the new project “Catching all the fish in the lake” is an unprecedented project to catch all the fish in Lake Kitagata in Fukui Prefecture with a seine net, and it has become familiar to the program. Masakiyo Maezono and local actor Kanji Tsuda team up to capture a large number of creatures.