Reasons for praising Toshi and Hiroiki Ariyoshi “This amazing person” “Maybe the most detailed”

Toshi, a comedy duo Taka and Toshi, announced on the YouTube channel “Komo Toshingo” on December 29, last year, on the TV Tokyo variety show “Ariyoshi eeeeee! He talked about Hiroiki Ariyoshi, who will co-star in “Would you like to play a game with you now?” Toshi “[Hiroiki Ariyoshi]Talked about the top runner” Hiroiki Ariyoshi “of the Kawamoto / Taka generation.[Episode]” in a video released by Oriental Radio Shingo Fujimori By doing something like that, the part that I really think of as a junior entertainer is also insanely strong. I have the impression that you are looking at your juniors insanely. ” Then Toshi said, “When I was on location yesterday, when it came to a story like’M-1 what’s going on this year’, I’m talking about a junior who I’ve never heard of. “This is a great person!” Toshi went on to say, “I know veterans who haven’t been on TV so much, and I know young people now. I know TV from old times to now. I’m familiar with sports. Maybe No. 1. I think he’s familiar with this person. ”