Yuto Takahashi and Noriyuki Higashiyama are impressed by the dandy “coolness is exuding”

The comedy combination Ucchan Nanchan’s Teruyoshi Uchimura will be the MC for the TBS variety special program “Ucchan-shiki”, which will be broadcast today (23: 25-25: 25). “Utchan-shiki” In this program, entertainers challenge “the first time” with “a combination different from usual”, and Uchimura and others watch over the location = “Utchan-shiki” where such calculation is not possible, and an unknown calculation formula Document variety that explores the answer. Saturday, November 28, last year ☆ The first broadcast was broadcast in the break frame, and it was well received and the second broadcast was already decided. In the second installment, MC Uchimura, studio guests Akira Kawashima (Kirin), Yuto Takahashi (HiHi Jets / Johnny’s Jr.), Momoko Fukuchi, and Pekopa (Shupei, Taiyu Shoinji) will perform “Utchan” in the studio. Challenge the “formula quiz”. The assistant MC will be Ayako Nomura, a TBS announcer. And again, various “firsts” give rise to unpredictable formulas. At the ceremony of “My pace muscle entertainer + athlete / actress + former NHK Anna + former world champion”, Toshiaki Kasuga (Audrey), Miyu Honda, Aika Kanda, Karina Maruyama go on a journey of “the first dream calculation that women want to do” .. Kanda’s dream is to “fly in the sky,” which he has held since he was little. Honda challenges his first home run at the batting cage. In addition, the “Uchichan-style gacha” with a “formula” that allows you to get along with each other on location is now available. When a new formula is added, the location will develop unexpectedly. Maruyama, who participated in the war on the way, joins there and causes a further chemical reaction. Kasuga, who is the only man, should proceed with reference to the moderator technique of his partner, Wakabayashi, but he is in a state of being overwhelmed by the high tension of the women. What kind of ceremony will be born? At the “Fuwa-chan + Dandy Actor x Date” ceremony, Fuwa-chan will have an adult date with Noriyuki Higashiyama and Masahiro Takashima. First of all, Fuwa-chan, who went on an adult date with Higashiyama in the daytime, dressed in an adult dress that was completely different from usual at a luxury select shop. Higashiyama, who shows casual care even when choosing clothes, is thrilled by Fuwa-chan, who is usually terrible. Uchimura’s eyes were heart-shaped, saying, “You can be embraced” by the dandy-filled escort of Higashiyama. Takahashi of Johnny’s office junior HiHi Jets / Johnny’s Jr. also said, “The coolness is exuding,” he was impressed by the adult date of his senior. Pay attention to the escort of the god of Higashiyama, who made everyone in the studio mellow. And on an adult date at night, Takashima and Fuwa-chan will be on a cruising date in Tokyo Bay where the night view spreads. After a toast with rosé, Takashima, who got tipsy, persuaded Fuwa-chan to develop it !? Furthermore, when he visited a high-class French restaurant, Fuwa-chan, who is usually terrible, gradually changed. Will Fuwa-chan, who has been “the first escort”, become an adult woman !? Also, in “Three invisible people’s first wishes to do”, Tomohiko Beppu of Eight Bridge, 4,000 heads Takuki Tsuzuki and Hiroyuki Takagishi of TIMON D are on location. I can’t see who will partition it, but the three are more motivated than anyone else. Beppu challenges the first MC of the crown program that he wanted to do, but … he forgot the title call and couldn’t hear the guest’s story. In the town of Braloque, where Tsuzuki wanted to do, the unexpected behavior of Beppu and Takagishi was “I want to have a” walk “like Mr. Ariyoshi (Hiroiki)!” .. What kind of answer will be born? As the first time each other explores and challenges the location, the studio members will answer the frequently occurring “Uchichan style” answer in a quiz format. MC Uchimura is confused by the series of unpredictable expressions !? What is Uchimura’s final answer? (C) TBS