[12 horoscope]January 2021 fortune “Taurus” overall luck, love luck, work luck

Monthly fortune-telling “12 constellations, December fortune” delivered by the entertainment news & column “TOKYO FM +” from the radio. What is the fortune of this month’s “Taurus” …?

◆ Taurus: Taurus (April 20th to May 20th)

Overall luck

It seems that we can successfully complete the start dash of the new year. By being inspired by various things, the range of activities will expand. Now that I can get the hang of how to set up a schedule, it seems that I can spend my days without breaking my pace. If you listen to the stories of your rivals and act according to your intuition ◎

Love luck

You may be worried about the other person’s words and actions, or your heart may be sowed. It seems that the secret to improving your romance is not to accept it negatively. If you learn something from your favorite person or get a consultation about work etc., the distance will naturally shorten.

Work luck

When you can clearly distinguish between what you want to do and what you have to do. By doing so, you will feel sick and your work will go smoothly. If you find something you want to do your best, you will be able to concentrate. Finding the destination of energy is also a point of good luck.

One point advice

When you can make the most of your sense. Maybe you can finally express your personality. Through various activities, it is possible to produce a masterpiece. He seems to realize that nothing was meaningless.

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