Battle action “Orochi & Bikini” that challenges the subjugation of the back twelve zodiac aiming for the zodiac seat Volume 1

Volume 1 of Hiroyuki Kaido’s “Orochi & Bikini-Front and Back Twelve Support Wars-” based on Yoshihiko Tomizawa was released as an e-book on January 4th today. “Orochi & Bikini-Front and Back Twelve Zodiac Wars-“, which is serialized on the Web manga site Z, is a battle action that depicts the world of a monster called Hisen who was not selected as the Zodiac. At the turn of the era, the battle between the Zodiac and the Zodiac of the Darkness is said to occur, and it was said that if the Zodiac were replaced, a disaster would occur on the ground. In order to prevent such a disaster, Satsuki Okina of the Public Security Intelligence Agency’s back twelve branch team will embark on the seal of Hisen with the goddess Orochi Yamada and Yao Bikini of Nun Hioka.