Fuwa-chan, Noriyuki Higashiyama’s perfect adult date makes her a “woman’s face” !? “It’s like a wonderful dream you see once a year”

“Utchan-shiki” (TBS series) with Teruyoshi Uchimura acting as MC will be broadcast on January 3rd. Fuwa-chan is having an adult date with Noriyuki Higashiyama and Masahiro Takashima, and on the Internet, there are voices such as “Isn’t Fuwa-chan too cute?” “Fuwa-chan has a woman’s face”, and when Fuwa-chan himself is recording The inside story was revealed on Twitter and attracted attention.

In this program, entertainers challenge the “first time” with “unusual combinations”! A document variety in which Uchimura and his colleagues watch over the location = “Utchan formula” where such calculations cannot be made, and search for answers to unknown formulas. Saturday, November 28, last year ☆ The first broadcast was broadcast in the break frame, and this is the second.

At the “Fuwa-chan + Dandy Actor x Date” ceremony, the theme was “My Fuwa Lady. Take me to an adult date”, Higashiyama for the first half daytime date, and Takashima for the second half night date. Escort. Higashiyama, who appeared in a luxury limousine, took Fuwa-chan to a luxury select shop in Aoyama. “Buy everything that Fuwa-chan likes here,” and present a higher-grade adult outfit. When asked by Fuwa-chan, “What kind of clothes does Higashiyama-san like?”, He answered, “I like wearing what he likes.” In addition, don’t forget the casual concern that “If you say it, you shouldn’t get chilly.” In the end, Fuwa-chan chose a coat, bag, and boots in addition to the dress recommended by Higashiyama, “How about this? Why don’t you try this?”, And transformed into an adult outfit totaling 765,600 yen. .. Higashiyama also noticed that he changed his hairstyle and earrings, saying, “It’s not cute. It looks great.” He praised him many times.

Next, Higashiyama invited him to a hidden scenic spot in Tokyo Tower. Looking at the Tokyo Tower at dusk, Fuwa-chan said, “What is Tokyo Tower on the left and Higashi on the right? It’s like a wonderful dream to see once a year.” The best part is a chapel where you can look up at Tokyo Tower and present a bouquet of roses saying “Thank you for staying with us today.” Fuwa-chan was delighted with this, saying, “It’s cute. It’s just my rose.” Looking back on Higashiyama’s perfect adult date, “Fuwa-chan was completely a princess at that time.”

Takashima, who will be the partner of the night date in the second half, appears as a cruiser. Cruise Tokyo Bay on a charter boat to see the evening view, look at the Rainbow Bridge from the boat, and toast with “Botte Galose Gold”, but in the meantime, “Today’s look is messed up. Takashima’s persuasion never stops, such as “It’s too beautiful”, “Your face is a messed up type”, “Because the real star is here”. After getting off the boat, head to the famous creative French restaurant that Takashima himself reserved and overlooks the Tokyo Sky Tree. There, Fuwa-chan was treated with a surprise of live violin performance as well as a delicious dish.

After recording, Fuwa-chan exclaimed Takashima’s impression, “Hey, I know who you look like, Mr. Takashima. Mr. Ahn Mika. If you feed one, you will speak 10 times.” From that flow, the escort technique of men became a hot topic in the studio. When Shupei (Pekopa) talks about his memories of Christmas with his ex-girlfriend, Akira Kawashima (Kirin) also showed off his birthday surprise to his ex-girlfriend, and the spearhead headed for Uchimura …. While blushing, “I’m here,” the episode of Shonan Drive Date when I was young was revealed.

On the net, Fuwa-chan himself commented that “Mr. Takashima was angry at the director because he was too cheating on the ship”, and “Fuwa-chan who killed the father” and “Fuwa-chan was cute for the first time.” “Fuwa-chan is so unusual and too interesting to consider” “Fuwa-chan has a woman’s face” “Higashi’s date is perfect, but Fuwa-chan’s joy is so cute as a girl” “Fuwa-chan” Higashi, who looks like a prince even in the chan generation, is amazing. “” Fuwa-chan, who is pleased with Takashima-san’s surprise with all his might, was just too cute. ”