Manami Igashira “Tears have come out (laughs)” Oath of a new adult with tears in 2020

Manami Igashira, who won the Jury’s Special Award at the 2012 “13th All Japan National Bishoujo Contest” and made her debut as an actress in the movie “Oshin” released in 2013. Since then, he has appeared in numerous works including the NHK serial TV novel “Beppin-san”, and in 2020, made a breakthrough such as starring in the movie “Oni Girl !!” for the first time. On December 2, last year, he attended the “Oscar Promotion 2021 New Year’s Sunny Dress Announcement” and talked about his aspirations for 2021 while looking back on the leap forward in 2020. In 2020, Manami Igashira, who showed off his sunny clothes, realized that for Inoue, “How happy I was in the days I had taken for granted, and among them, the connection with people is really important. In a memorable year. It was also a year when I reaffirmed the support of those around me, saying, “I felt that I should not forget the feelings of gratitude to the manager, family, and staff who usually support me.” The most gratifying thing was the release of the movie “Oni Girl !!”. “I was worried that I couldn’t go to the cinema for a while due to the influence of Corona, and I was worried that I could release it, but I was really happy to be able to deliver the work to everyone,” he said in his heart. He revealed, “When I realized that many people were able to see it and that it had reached everyone, I cried (laughs),” he said with joy. If you compare such a year to one kanji character, it is “connect”. “It was a really happy year for me to have more opportunities to work again with the people who worked before. I cherish the relationship and make this circle of connections even bigger, next year, next year and the next future. I would like to expand toward the future, “he says, showing a forward-looking attitude toward work. The girl who entered the entertainment world eight years ago is 20 years old on March 15th. Regarding 2021 as a new adult, “I want to be more independent as an adult and become a person with content. 2021 will not change, and at my own pace, I will steadily move forward step by step without being swept away. “I want to go on,” he said, and as an actress, he set a goal, “I will do my best every day to become an actor who can be dyed in various roles.”