Noriyuki Higashiyama and Ikuto Kawai participate in “Escape Island”! Takashi Okamura admires the smart fire starter

Actor Noriyuki Higashiyama participates in the popular project “Escape Island” in the TBS variety “I Am Adventure Boy” 4-hour special (19: 00-22: 57), which will be broadcast today. Aiming to escape from the uninhabited island by forming a pair with Ikuto Kawai (ABC-Z), a junior of Johnny’s office. Abareru-kun, Fuwa-chan, and Yoshio Kojima, the successive champions who have won the “escape island”, will meet Noriyuki Higashiyama and Takashi Okamura. The three have past experience and their respective specialties. On the other hand, Higashiyama, who has never experienced an uninhabited island, ignites a surprisingly smooth fire, pokes a fish with a moly, and drinks muddy water. Can Kawai keep up with Higashiyama, who survives smartly !? “Escape Island” is a popular program that competes for the time it takes to escape from an uninhabited island and reach a manned island. How to utilize the “one-bag system” that allows items other than water and food to be packed in a 45-liter backpack and brought in will determine the outcome of the game. The highlights of each session are how to secure water and food on the uninhabited island, and what materials and shapes are used to make rafts and ships to escape. Noriyuki Higashiyama, who finished the harsh location, and Takashi Okamura of Ninety-nine, who watched the struggle on “Escape Island” as the MC of the program, shared their impressions. ■ Comment by Noriyuki Higashiyama
I’ve always liked this program, which can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages, and I think it’s the best program for children all over the country to see their challenges, and it’s good for igniting children’s hearts. I was allowed to appear. However, when I was on location, I thought, “I really do it with” Gachi “!” (Laughs). It was a lot of work, but when I became an adult, I didn’t jump into nature, so it was a good opportunity. What you can see in this program is my true appearance!
The challengers other than us used their imagination to “live and escape” and moved on their own. It is very important to use your imagination and act with a purpose, so it may be the best program for children’s education. I thought that the program “Adventure Boy” embodies that.
Assuming that you will enjoy the program this time, I would like to pair up with Mr. Okamura and face off against the Snow Man pair of Mukai (Koji) and Meguro (Ren)!
I hope 2021 will be a good year for everyone to come. ■ Comment by Takashi Okamura
I didn’t expect (Mr. Higashiyama) to really choose this program. I was surprised to hear that “Escape Island” was a hard project in the location of this program. When I talked to him during the break, he said, “I’m afraid” (laughs). Moreover, I didn’t expect to see a “masquerade” on an uninhabited island. I think you can see Mr. Higashiyama who is completely different from the image you think!
This time, Mr. Higashiyama challenged the three champions. I think that the champions who have tried many times know survival techniques and escape techniques, but it was amazing that Mr. Higashiyama, who was challenged for the first time, started a smart fire. Please take a look at the most beautiful fire starter in the history of the program, which is like an exercise! And enjoy a smart swim and a smart moly thrust.
There was also an invitation from Mr. Higashiyama, so next time I will face off with Mukai-kun and Meguro-kun in pairs! I’m wondering if I’m okay (laughs).
In 2021, I hope that you will see “Adventure Boy” and that the viewers will take on the challenge. I will not forget my adventurous spirit and will do my best without entering the defense! (C) TBS