“ONE PIECE” worldwide popularity vote, full-page advertisement in the New York Times

Eiichiro Oda The popularity voting project “1st ONE PIECE Character World Popularity Voting WT (World Top) 100” for characters of “ONE PIECE” started today on January 4th. This project will be developed as the main project of the “ONE PIECE 1000 LOGS” campaign to commemorate the 1000th episode of the serialization of “ONE PIECE” in the Weekly Shonen Jump 5/6 merger issue (Shueisha) released today. What is done. Character popularity votes are held for readers all over the world, and the “best” for each character is decided from a total of more than 1000 characters, and by comparing the results of the top 100 in the world, differences in values ​​and values ​​can be seen. It is a project to experience diversity together. Voting can be done once a day on the special website from today until February 28th. One AR character will be randomly presented to those who vote for each vote, and the AR characters can take pictures together through the camera app. In addition, the site also introduces the battle movie “WT100 Commemorative PV” that will be broadcast as a TV commercial, and the “ONE PIECE 1000 LOGS teaser movie” that looks back on “ONE PIECE” in live action. In addition, we plan to continue to post further announcements and plans on the site, such as campaign information on 1000 episodes serialized, intermediate and final results of popularity polls, and world statistics. Furthermore, as a transmission to the world, the New York Times dated January 4th will feature a 1000-episode door illustration that makes you feel the history of adventure so far, and a one-sided advertisement calling for a popularity vote. In addition, a collaboration project with Shueisha’s shojo manga magazine Ribon, Bessatsu Margaret, fashion magazine MORE, and sports comprehensive web media Sportiva is underway. The details of the collaboration will be announced on the magazine, SNS, and the special site of “ONE PIECE 1000 LOGS”. In addition, Oda sent a comment looking back on the arrival of 1000 episodes. (c) Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha