Yuko Haruno of H cup layer, excitement is also the climax in ice play with plenty of M

Yuko Haruno, a gravure idol and cosplayer, has released the latest image DVD “Noble Beauty’s Selfish Body” (currently on sale for 4,400 yen including tax, sold by Takeshobo). Yuko Haruno, a gravure idol who released the DVD “Selfish Body of Noble Beauty”, is active as a cosplayer under the name of “Yukorim”. debut. He fascinated gravure fans by showing off a 95cm H-cup bust that was about to break off from his swimsuit. She released the latest DVD, which is her 4th in total. While exposing the bust of the well-shaped H cup to the maximum, it develops a radical scene. The character Haruno played in this work is a noble beauty. If you think that you showed a queen-like scene such as looking down on the man in front of you at the height of the pride, when you enter the hot spring inn, it turns into a de M character. In the scene of wearing a Y-shaped swimsuit, both hands are restrained and challenge ice play. As the scene progresses, it becomes more radical and plays a woman who is obedient to men.