Cosplayer Kenken transforms into a “waitress in a cow-patterned swimsuit” “Already the cutest extreme of the year”

Cosplayer Kenken updated Twitter on the 3rd (Sun). The waitress figure of the cow pattern swimsuit was released according to the year of the ox.

[Separate cut]Wink is even more cute, cow pattern waitress shot of Kenken

A popular cosplayer, Kenken, with nearly 400,000 followers on Twitter. The mole around the eyes is popular for its charming childish features and well-balanced style.

Kenken updated Twitter with “Cow waitress” on Sunday, 3rd. Two photos of the waitress in a cow-patterned swimsuit have been released to coincide with the 2021 zodiac.

In the post, there were voices such as “Moo’s thoughts are progressing”, “I’m glad this year was the year of the ox”, “The year of the ox was for this reason”, and “Already the cutest extreme of the year”.

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