Koichi Domoto, secret story with Johnny “I had a good time” “As expected, Johnny”

KinKi Kids’ Koichi Domoto broadcast the radio program “KinKi Kids Whatever Monya!” On the 4th at midnight. 』(Nippon Cultural Broadcasting / every Monday from 24:05 to 24:30). In addition to talking about his feelings about his 42nd birthday, he shared a memory story with Mr. Johnny Kitagawa. Koichi, who turned 42 on January 1, said, “I’m 42. Looking at the numbers like this, it’s quite a letter …” “I don’t feel like I’m really an old man? “I’m here! I’m here!”, While masochistically saying, “Well, let’s do our best. These are just numbers,” he enthused in the new year. Also, on this day’s broadcast, an episode before Johnny’s death was shown. Koichi, who had been consulting for work even after Johnny collapsed, said, “Of course I can’t reply, but when I asked,’Janny, which one would you like to have this design?’ There is a moment when it goes up. Isn’t it better if the blood pressure goes up? So, let’s go over here, “said Johnny’s blood pressure as a reply. In addition, “When children come, it feels a little expensive, but when I go, it drops all at once …” “When I say” I’ve come again “, my blood pressure can be dangerous. There were three times, “he said with a laugh. On the other hand, Koichi recalled, “I think I was in the hospital room longer than anyone else? Because I often spent the night.” Since the talents and related people who belonged to him were constantly coming to visit Johnny’s hospital room, he said, “In the end, I had a good time with other talents and with the people in the office. After all, that room. It was the last time that Mr. Johnny gave me. Even if I remember now, I feel like “It’s Mr. Johnny. At the end, he prepared such a place.” There is also a scene to talk about. Koichi will be in charge of directing the musical “DREAM BOYS” from 2019 on behalf of the late Johnny. Many younger generations are appearing in the film, but he revealed that he calls it “YOU” like Johnny, saying, “There are many children. It’s going to be YOU.” , “You don’t come up with a name. Who raised me? I was raised by Johnny Kitagawa, who doesn’t remember people’s names. You have to say YOU.” “I’ll remember your name. I think it’s the best, but … I understand Johnny’s feelings. That’s why I can’t help it. ” The program can be listened to on radiko within a week after the broadcast (only for Premier members outside the area).