Pay attention to the encounter between Masao Kusakari and the cat. “Uncle and Cat” where lovely days begin

The drama Paravi “Uncle and Cat” (TV Tokyo series, every Wednesday from 24:58) starring Masao Kusakari will start on Wednesday, January 6th.

This work is a live-action drama of the comic of the same name by Umi Sakurai. Fuyuki Kanda (Masao Kusakari), a world-famous pianist who has been lonely since his wife’s predecessor, fell in love with an exotic shorthair male cat that he happened to meet at a pet store. Named Fukumaru (voice, Ryunosuke Kamiki) and depicts living a communal life.

An adult cat that was left unsold at a pet store. He didn’t look at the customers, the price was lowered day by day, and he gave up being loved by someone.

On the other hand, pianist Kanda (Kusakari) was spending his days squeezing from the shock that preceded his wife.

One day, Kanda remembers that his late wife said, “I want to keep a cat,” and stops at a pet shop that passes by, where he meets an adult cat for a fateful encounter. The dear days of a cat and an uncle who wanted to be loved by someone begin.