Supporting player Izumi 61st Let’s talk about Masanobu Katsumura, a man loved by TV Tokyo early in the new year

“By Player’s Fountain” is a series in which essayist Hisano Kobayashi, a writer and essayist who has been a hot-blooded drama otaku since childhood, features “supporting characters = by player” that shines brightly in TV dramas. The 61st is about actor Masanobu Katsumura. I would like to delve into him, who will be active again from the winter of 2021. Looking back on the past few years, Mr. Katsumura, who is exactly “the supporting player”, has always existed in the work. Even so, it has a mysterious presence that does not interfere with visibility information. This is a natural talent.

A legend whose appearances have not been interrupted since his debut

Masanobu Katsumura Mr. Katsumura is loved by TV TOKYO early in the new year. After all, two works will continue to appear. First of all, he will be a detective at “Anonymous-The Police Agency’s” Finger Murder “Countermeasures Office-” which will start on January 25th (Monday). The investigation will focus on Shingo Katori, who has been starring in the drama for the first time in a while, and “SNS slander,” which is currently regarded as the most problematic. Even though I haven’t seen the first episode yet, it seems interesting just to pick up the words “Katori”, “SNS”, and “Detective” in the introductory text I wrote above, and Mr. Katsumura, who has a relaxed atmosphere, comes to my mind. .. And also in TV Tokyo’s “By Players ~ 100 Days of the Forest of the Supporting Character ~”, a guest appearance is scheduled for the first episode of the broadcast on January 8 (Friday). This work, a popular work that is about to be released in the movie version, which is said to be a miracle in spring. Mr. Katsumura himself is just a junior of the leading army in terms of age. When you see him playing an active role as a supporting player in various places, you can see that he will inherit this work eventually. It’s not uncommon for an actor to appear in two dramas in one cool. But when it comes to appearing on the same TV station, it’s rare for guests. But I think it has the power to make this phenomenon “unusual”. That was a few years ago. I’ve forgotten the program name completely, but Mr. Katsumura was appearing in a talk show. The moderator seemed to want to draw out stories such as “I couldn’t get a role” from a veteran actor, and he repeated such questions. However, Mr. Katsumura, with his arms folded, wrinkled between his eyebrows like that little troubled chan, “… (since his debut) I’ve never run out of work …”, saying that, the studio I was laughing. Since this one scene, the way he sees him has changed.

Today’s fortunate life lives in “Masanobu”

I can’t see it very much, but I’m 57 years old now. The default is that they have experienced the bubble era and are struggling to build up for generations. Isn’t it a tremendous amount of luck to not know when it is “no work”? Belonging to a so-called “obsessive” office may be one of the reasons why work is uninterrupted. However, it is a well-known fact that it is not a loose world that goes around one after another from work. Besides, he is a big soccer fan, but if he professes to like it, he is in charge of hosting a soccer program called “FOOT x BRAIN” on TV Tokyo. Since the station Anna is also the same, when I look at it, I leave the progress to the announcer and talk about soccer love very freely and happily. Rather than being loved by TV Tokyo, it may be secretly married. So, no matter what the reason he was “loved by work, uncle”, as he kept thinking of people he had never met, the wording of his name came to him. The last name has the letters “Katsu” on it, which seems to be auspicious. And the name “Masanobu”. Masanobu. Recall that there is an actor with the same name. It is “Masanobu Ando”, which was previously acclaimed in this series. Even though it is a rare name, the letters are the same. If you think about it, Masanobu Ando is also a young man and breaks with high visuals as if all the women were lying down. And I thought that I had disappeared in the entertainment world for a while, but recently I have continued acting without interruption of the work while keeping the coolness. For the Ando generation, I’m happy just to worship him again, but I thought, “This is also a world of ability. Ando-kun had a talent that couldn’t be hidden from the world.” No, maybe the reason why work comes around is in the name …? Thinking about it, I’m still in a completely fantasy world, but when a real baby is born, I want to name it “Masanobu”.

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