AV disappeared from Japan … Near future SF “Lemon Erow” struggling to regain eroticism Volume 1

Furumachi “Lemon Erow” Volume 1 was released today on January 6th. “Lemon Erow” is a near-future science fiction that depicts Inai and Tanaka, men who continue to resist to regain eroticism, set in Japan where the “Adult Content Control Law” was enforced as a measure against the declining birthrate. Inai, who has dedicated all of his youth to eroticism, illegally sold AV with his junior Tanaka and was working to regain eroticism. Meanwhile, Kacho Aitake, an adult content investigator who vows to eradicate adult content, came in front of Inai and others … A recommendation comment from Kengo Hanazawa of “I Am a Hero” was also sent to the obi of the book.