EXIT, wearing black hair and “not chara” Manzai “Good mood” “Blood pressure is rising”

The comedy duo EXIT (Daiki Kanechika, Rintaro) will appear in a collaboration CM between Mixi’s “XFLAG” RPG game “Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Kotodaman” and the anime “HUNTER x HUNTER”. The new commercials “Japan’s No. 1” Chara “EXIT” and “Japan’s No. 1” Chara Kunai “Exit” will be released on the WEB from the 6th. EXIT from the new CM “Japan’s No. 1” Chara “Exit” of “Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Kotodaman” (Rintaro from the left, Daiki Kanechika) In “Japan’s No. 1” Chara “EXIT”, the mirror ball spins On the DJ floor, he appeared as “Hehehe! EXIT!” And showed off his nimble kunai in the familiar “Chara language”. Rintaro was in the words of Kanechika, “I’m a recent me who can only raise vibes.” Replied, “That’s a night pool!” And heaped up the floor with a good tempo. In the “Japan’s No. 1” Chara Not “Exit” edition, the opposite “Chara Not” Manzai is challenged for the first time. With beautifully set black hair and a butler-like costume, it begins with a polite greeting that can not be imagined from the usual two people, “I am in a good mood. We are a manzai master” exit “who is not a chara.” It seems that you can enjoy it even more by comparing the two commercials, such as “Vibes and rising” has changed to “Blood pressure rising”. Rintaro’s feelings when the CM appearance was decided. When asked, “Beyond the excitement, beyond Pien, beyond Paon, Peggy-sama,” said Chara. Kanechika struggled with a “non-chara” manzai who used polite words that he didn’t usually use, and he said, “I’m sorry I pulled my leg, but I’m sorry that I was stuck in words and took many times. Because it’s a combination, I want to carry it on my back together. I’m sorry, “he apologized. Rintaro. Laughing and warmly following, “I’m a person who can usually do it, but I think it’s probably because I’m not sleeping. I want you to sleep.” Also, when asked about episodes that make each other serious, Rintaro. “Kanechika is basically serious. On the contrary, I want you to show me the chara part.” Kanechika is Rintaro. Rintaro commented, “I’m doing nail art, I usually wear a lot of accessories, and I’m serious about being a chara man all the time.” Replied, “I’m doing it because I want to do it (laughs). It’s just plain, in my case.” Lastly, Rintaro was asked about a word that changed his life. Answered, “Is it a’swastika’?”, And Kanechika repeatedly laughed, “The word that changed my life is a’swastika’ (laughs).” I finished it.