Hiroiki Ariyoshi “I’m embarrassed this time too …” “Ariyoshi Quiz” 4th

Hiroiki Ariyoshi, a comedian, will show his private appearance in the 4th installment of the TV Asahi variety special program “Ariyoshi Quiz” (23: 15-24: 15 * excluding some areas), which will be broadcast on the 7th. .. From left: Masaki Nomura announcer, Miyu Ikeda, Hiroiki Kusanagi, Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, Maki Fukuda, Ryuichi Hamaya = TV Asahi provided This program is provided by Ariyoshi as the answerer A quiz showdown with other people. So far, Ariyoshi has shown hair loss, lipoma resection of the forehead, and photography of bondage by photographer Leslie Kee under the title of “Ariyoshi’s Private Adhesion Quiz”. This time, while muttering, “Because the coat color is different from before … I wonder if it’s okay to go with this kind of close contact …”, I drive my own rental car and head for Ueno, Tokyo. As the VTR progressed, Ikeda began to understand Ariyoshi’s purpose and screamed, “Don’t do it! Stop someone!” In addition, “Private quiz from the heroine Fukuda’s home at 3 o’clock” and “Quiz! Who is this disguise entertainer?” Will also appear. Ariyoshi’s comments are as follows. ――Finally, the 4th episode will be broadcast … First of all, please tell us your impressions of finishing the recording. I myself can take private pictures every time, so I always feel “something embarrassed”. After all it is embarrassing this time … It was embarrassing to see my unexpected expression, such as having a serious expression or saying, “I have that expression!” ――Mr. Ariyoshi’s private life, which has been hard to see before, has become naked, but what is the location this time? Can you give us some hints? I went to a place I was interested in for a long time. I did. Even if I’m interested, it’s hard to go, and it took me a lot of courage to publish this private life. After finishing the location, it may have changed a little in terms of humanity. The way of life and attitude toward work in the future … All of these things may have changed drastically. ――Please tell us the points of interest and highlights that “I definitely want you to see here!” I don’t know what to say, but I don’t usually show it. The appearance that is hard to show will be broadcast this time as well. Also, since it’s a fumbling program, I thought it might not work (laughs). Kusanagi also had a tantrum (laughs). I think it was good to see that Kusanagi doing his best, saying, “I have to do something about it!”