Kenshi Yonezu’s album “STRAY SHEEP”, solo artist’s first “W Million”

The original album “STRAY SHEEP” released by singer Kenshi Yonezu on August 5th last year exceeded 2 million PT converted cumulative sales points in the “Oricon Weekly Total Album Ranking” on January 4th. Six months after its release, it achieved the feat of “double million”. Kenshi Yonezu’s “Oricon Weekly Total Ranking” is a music ranking that totals not only the number of CDs sold, but also the number of DLs for digital downloads and the number of streaming playbacks. It is a ranking that projects deeply. This work recorded a CD album of 1,586,000 PT, a digital album of 203,000 PT, and a streaming of 229,000 PT, and as of January 11, it has become a double million with converted cumulative sales points of 2,018,000 PT. This is the second work that has surpassed the double million in this ranking, and is the “first ever” feat as a solo artist work. So far, it has achieved million sales in the first week of its release, exceeded sales of 1.5 million CD albums for the first time in Heisei in October, “28 crowns in total” in the 2020 annual ranking, and the first in history on Oricon and Billboard JAPAN. The album has won three major divisions and has set numerous records. “28 crowns in total” was the highest number of male solo artists.