Rino Sashihara, official YouTube start “Opportunity to talk about yourself …”

Talent Rino Sashihara started his YouTube channel “Sashihara Channel” on the 1st and talked about the reason for opening the channel. Rino Sashihara In the video released titled “I’m Sashihara! I started YouTube!”, Sashihara said, “I think everyone is surprised because it’s too urgent, but why start YouTube?” I would like to explain the background of what I thought. ” Sashihara explained, “Recently, I often stand next to the MC and appear on TV, so I don’t have the opportunity to talk about myself.” On top of that, “I also have fans who have been supporting me since I was an idol, but I think I’m not on a program that makes those people happy. I’m grateful, but I’m talking. There are many programs that just react, “he said. He said, “I made YouTube because I thought I could just talk if there was a YouTube channel,” he said. “I wish I could eat, talk, play games, etc.” I think. ”