Shogo Suzuki prepares for the opening of the leading stage Nogizaka46 and Riria Ito become cute “Prince of the Stars”

Music drama “Hoshi no Astronaut” public Genepro was held at the Sunshine Theater in Tokyo on the 6th, Shogo Suzuki, Riria Ito (Nogizaka46), Ayara Takatsuki (Sao Kurama and W cast), Keito Sakurai, Ito Yui, Masamichi Satonaka, Aya Akane, Ariso Yamakawa, Naofumi Takeuchi, Zanyoko, Tatsuya Okada, Junya Ikeda, Shinji Rachi appeared. Music drama “Hoshi no Astronaut” This work is a Vol.0 performance of the new theater unit “Theatrical Mouri-san-The Entertainment Theater” launched by Nobuhiro Mouri (in Shonensha). A fantasy of French writer and aviator Saint-Exupery and the characters in his works “The Little Prince” and “Night Flight” are put together in an original musical drama. In addition to the musical drama, “Prince of the Stars” and “Night Flight” will be arranged into recitation plays and performed as a leading theater by two actors. On the stage, Saint-Exupery (Suzuki), who has lost his memory, spins a story while going back and forth between the worlds of “The Little Prince” and “Night Flight”. The screen that wraps around the stage shows the world like a picture book of “Prince of the Stars” and the realistic background of “Night Flight”, giving you a feeling of immersion. The cute prince of Ito and the singing voice of the actors including Ryochi are also highlights. The Tokyo performance will be held at the Sunshine Theater from January 6th to 17th, and the Osaka performance will be held at the Umeda Theater Theater Drama City from January 27th to 31st. In addition, the music drama “Hoshi no Astronaut” will cover 6 performances in Tokyo, and the leading theater “Hoshi no Oujisama” and “Night Flight” will cover all 11 performances in Tokyo. “Streaming +” and “Lawson Ticket” Live distribution service “Rochike LIVE STREAMING” except for some performances.

Screenplay / Direction Nobuhiro Mouri Comment

Come on! The curtain of “Mori-san in the theater” opens.
This is my new challenge. We will deliver exciting and exciting plays to everyone. We are blessed with the best actors, the best creators, and the staff, and we are confident that the work will be proud of the world! It has a special style of simultaneous performance of three pieces. I will explain why I took this style.
The starting point is “Music Drama Star Astronaut”. This story is a story in which the main character, Saint-Exuberi, the author of “Prince of the Stars” and “Flight of the Night Seki”, unravels two novels he wrote in the posthumous world and remembers who he is. .. “Prince of the Stars” and “Night Flight” scattered in the music drama “Astronaut of the Stars”. In it, Saint-Exupery finds three words that are important to him. That word is the message I want to deliver to everyone who lives in the harsh “now”.
It is a recitation drama in response to that. At the leading theaters “Prince of the Stars” and “Night Flight”, I wanted to dig deeper into the contents of “Astronauts of the Stars” and deliver them to everyone.

It doesn’t matter which entrance you choose. You can enjoy watching “Star Astronaut” and then watching the reading theater, and vice versa, it is designed to be doubled and tripled. That’s why! We want to give you the best entertainment!
That’s why! I want to be one with everyone, the theater, and live streaming!
That’s why! We will deliver the best theater to everyone! We are waiting for you at each “theater”. Mr. Mohri of the play, please see.

Comment by Shogo Suzuki as Saint-Exuberi

The curtain is finally up. The journey begins. However, we are in a tremendous crisis. Everyone will. Still, there is an adventure to go out. There is a mountain to go to. There is “light” that I want to show. In a crisis? If you think about it, it’s nothing unusual, you’re always lying alive. It was always on the edge, it was always hard, it wasn’t always a flat road. It’s definitely true if humans are alive. It’s not new. It’s not new that theater has to be stepped on. It does not break. definitely. With friends. You should be able to fly because you are with your friends. I should proceed. Because it’s prepared.
I think it’s a difficult situation. Still dare to say. We are waiting for you at the theater. There is only “light” here that does not go here.

The role of the prince Riria Ito (Nogizaka46) Comment

I’m Riria Ito, who will play the prince in the music drama “Astronaut of the Stars”. This work is packed with a lot of things I want to convey and deliver, and I think I can deliver various emotions to everyone. While cherishing every moment, I will live as much as I can at the survey site as a prince. I hope you enjoy the wonderful world. Thank you!

Consuelo throwing Sao Kurama comment

I’m Kurama Sao, who will play Consuelo in “Astronaut of the Stars”.
It is a work with a very nice message, including the meaning that this work should be made at this time. Consuelo had many conflicts as he survived as the wife of Saint-Exuberi. But I think that what remains unchanged is “love”. I reminded myself that love is something that you can feel, not form, even if you are far away or even if you say goodbye. I hope that all the people who appear in this work will feel something with the theme of “the important things are invisible” in this work. Korei, we are waiting for you at such a time.

Comment by Sara Takatsuki as Consuelo

I’m Sara Takatsuki, who will play the role of Consuelo in the music drama “Astronaut of the Stars”.
Saint-Degujuberi, a magnificent and beautiful work that goes around many colors along with the flight foundation. It has become difficult to perform the performance, but when I stand on the stage, I want to live in any situation. I want to express it. This time, I strongly thought about it. I would like to challenge each performance with my soul so that those feelings can be conveyed as power to those who see it. We are waiting for you at the theater. Thank you for your declaration.

Comment by Keito Sakurai as Fabian

I’m Keito Sakurai, who will play the role of Fabian in the music drama “Astronaut of the Stars”.
I am happy to be able to join this company again. When I looked around at the Koukoba, the dream of theater was spreading in the sky. As a member of that, I will do my best to live on the stage so that I can deliver a lot of thoughts to everyone. Thank you for your support !!

Yui Ito as Sirius Comment

I’m Yui Ito, who will appear as Sirius, a resident of the stars.
The musical drama “Hoshi no Astronaut”, whose heat has risen steadily with each passing of the past. The words in the work are really nice, and the words that resonate with me every day are different, so I really enjoy myself. I hope it will reach you safely.

Vega role Masamichi Satanaka Comment

I’m Masamichi Satonaka, who will play Vega, the resident of the stars, in the music drama “Astronaut of the Stars”.
Since the beginning of the affairs, each actor and staff has been trying to make a good work.
I myself have been working to this day with the desire to really deliver this work to everyone. Because of this, I want as many people as possible to watch it. The highlight is that every scene is a “feature”. It’s a stage full of wonderful words and music. I want you to pay attention to each one, and I hope that each person’s feelings will reach you. I will do my best to be careful of my health until the end of all performances.

Aya Akane as Spica Comment

My name is Aya Akane and I will play the role of Spica, the resident of the stars, in the music drama “Astronaut of the Stars”.
Thank you for watching the play at this time and for the miracle of being able to play. What I felt when I was involved in this project, “Mr. Mohri of the Theater,” is the efforts and hopes of all, and the precious and passionate will to deliver the work. And I think “Star Astronaut” is a work of the soul that embodies that feeling. Now that everyone has equal loneliness and anxiety, they are friends with the same feelings. I am the same companion, but I am looking forward to spending a bright and positive minute and a second with everyone through “Spica”! I will do my best to do what I can now. Thank you!

Redals throwing Yamakawa Ariso comment

In the music drama “Astronaut of the Stars”, I’m Ariso Yamakawa without playing Regulus, the inhabitant of the stars.
The story of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, spun in real and fantasy. What do you value? What are you aiming for? What do you want to live with? I think it’s packed with the rules of theater that are being intervened.
Well, I hope you enjoy it regardless of that! We look forward to seeing you.

Naofumi Takeuchi as Denep Comment

This time, I am Naofumi Takeuchi, who will play the role of Denep, one of the inhabitants of the stars, in the music drama “Astronaut of the Stars”.
It’s a beautiful word that can only be made now, created by all the members of the group. I am very much looking forward to what our customers will think. All the inhabitants of the star play various roles in the play, so please pay attention!
At the theater, or on the other side of the screen, we have you. Please look forward to it.

Zan Yoko as Kabella Comment

I’m Zan Yoko, who will play the role of Kabella in the music drama “Astronaut of the Stars”!
This time, there were many people who were nice to meet you, and it was difficult to interact with people, but I think that I was able to communicate with the members of the canvas by repeating the lessons. .. What is important? It is a work that makes you think about such universal things. It’s not a difficult time, but if it’s convenient, let’s go to the world of stars together !!

Comment by Tatsuya Okada as Leon Welt

It’s a pity, but I’ve become a world where I can’t feel free to say, “Please come and see me!” I’m very aware of that. Still, I think that “people need to enjoy living.” Isn’t it painful just to live? If you know that it’s illusory, I sincerely hope that theater can become a part of it.
Where and what does “living” find value?
I would appreciate it if you could mention such a thing.

Junya Ikeda as an aviator Comment

Things that are worth the life.
I think that “value” fluctuates greatly in each position, environment, and life. Still, there is still a “value” that shines brightly in me.
Through the drama world of the music drama “Hoshi no Astronaut”, I really want to deliver that sparkle to our customers, and I am truly glad that “now” is the happiness that can be achieved.
Please enjoy the journey of life that takes place in just two hours.

Comment by Shinji Rachi as Riviere

I’m Shinji Rachi, who will play the role of manager Riviere.
The first work of director Mouri’s new project “Theatrical Mouri”. In the music drama “Astronaut of the Stars”, the cast and staff worked together to create the scenes one by one. The difficult situation continues.
I would like to continue working until the end without giving up.
Please look forward to it.