★ Today’s fortune ★ 12 Horoscope ranking No. 1 …? ★ January 7 ★

Today’s fortune-telling delivered by the entertainment news & column “TOKYO FM +” from the radio. “12 constellation ranking & one point advice” What is your fortune today?

[1st place]Aquarius

A day when unexpected luck falls from an invisible place. If you do what you need to do properly, you will likely receive rewards from superiors such as your boss and seniors. Doing any small thing should work better than not doing it. Stretching your hips will further improve your luck.

[2nd place]Libra

The day when you praise yourself and your condition gets better and better. Let’s be delighted if something goes well, even if it’s a little thing. Then, you should be able to clear what you thought was difficult before you know it. If you go to a park with a lawn ◎

[3rd place]Gemini

A day when the distance to the person you were interested in is likely to approach. Waiting for the timing seems to work better than approaching from here. It seems to be fluttering at night, so get rid of the tasks early. Try wearing a bracelet today.


A day when you should actively communicate. Talking with various people seems to lead to the encounter with the people you need. Be prepared to handle sudden appointments. When you get tired, you should take the plunge and take a nap.


A day when trying anything seems to be the key. It seems better to devote energy to things that have been difficult to deal with than to take on new challenges. If you take the plunge and take on the challenge, you will be able to get the results immediately. If you eat something black ◎


A day when you can have a good time slowly. It seems that you can nourish your mind by chatting with like-minded friends and going out to eat delicious food. Don’t overdo it and do what you can. Mineral water is recommended today.


A day when there are likely to be events that will lead to career advancement. It seems that something necessary will happen in the future, but if you stretch your shoulders and elbows too much, it will have the opposite effect. If you try to enjoy yourself with a light feeling, the road will open up naturally. Wrapping a muffler will improve the flow.


It’s a good day to take the plunge and throw away what you don’t need. Let’s decide all the things that were fluttering and couldn’t be cleaned up today. Set aside the things around you, leaving only what you think is important. Going to a nearby temple will calm you down.


A day when I couldn’t get motivated and seemed to be lazy. Even if there is something I have to do, I may not be able to handle it. In such a case, refresh once and change the mode. It may be cleared up unexpectedly quickly. Looking at the fountain ◎


A day when I feel like I’m trapped in my shell. It’s hard to hear people’s opinions, and even if I know it, I turn my eyes away … The feeling of “Awayoba” tends to be strong, so value the feeling of “I’ll do it”. When you push your head, your heart will be refreshed.


A day when the frustration doesn’t subside and it seems to be mushy. You may not be able to do what you were asking for, or you may not be able to find what you should be. First of all, if you try to organize your surroundings, you should feel calm. Look up at the night sky and have a margin.


A day when it seems that you will be swayed around and unable to make a decision. I’m rushing to find the answer to what’s best, but maybe it’s because I have a desire. Cut off the hesitation and do what you really need to do and what you want to do. When you eat green vegetables ◎

[Today’s message]
The moment when the flow changes suddenly comes one day. Even if you don’t have a chance right in front of you, it doesn’t mean that you won’t come again. Destiny always begins to move, if necessary. It is also important to wait patiently without forcibly moving and exhausting.

■ Supervisor profile: Kenta Kusanagi
Belongs to Ikebukuro Fortune-telling Hall Serene. The number of appraisals exceeds 7,000, mainly for young women, and he also supervises fortune-telling events and apps. In addition, he is also active as an event MC and a voice actor, and there are many requests from people involved in the performing arts.
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