40-year-old housewife, husband’s income decrease.Worried about the cost of caring for the mother

◆ Worry about their old age depending on the cost of nursing care for their mother
The name is “Money Plan Clinic”, which answers the problems of households that you have received. The counselor this time is a housewife in her 40s who is worried about her mother’s care and her old age. Keiko Yatsui, a household consultant, is in charge.

◇ Consultant
Mirin / 40 years old / part
Lives in the Tohoku region / Owned house

◇ Family structure
Husband (42 years old / office worker * Currently assigned to work alone), mother

◇ Consultation content
As soon as my husband was promoted, I couldn’t pay for overtime, and my monthly income dropped by about 80,000 yen a month. I am currently working alone, but I think it will continue for a while. I’m also a part-time worker, and I’ve managed to save money, but I’m worried when I think of my mother who lives with me.

Neither my husband nor I have inheritance, and if my mother needs nursing care, can I take care of her with just my mother’s savings? With that in mind, we are worried about our old age.

◇ Household income and expenditure data
Mirin’s household income and expenditure data is as shown in the chart.

◇ Supplementary household income and expenditure data
(1) How to use the bonus
Property Accumulation Savings 200,000 Yen, Other Savings 600,000 Yen, Husband’s Kozukai 100,000 Yen

(2) About mortgages
Used detached house / currently 30 years old, repayment period 20 years, interest rate 1.4% (initial 10 years, remaining 10 years 2.4%), no bonus payment, loan balance 7.3 million yen, 2 prepayments in the past (4 million yen in total)

(3) Breakdown of “insurance premium 60,000 yen”
● Husband
・ Life (death protection 2.5 million yen, 60-year-old payment completed) = insurance premium 6000 yen
・ Whole life (death protection 8 million yen, 59 years old payment completed) = insurance premium 24,000 yen
・ Income guarantee (guarantee period up to 65 years old, monthly pension 50,000 yen) = insurance premium 2400 yen
・ Medical care (whole life insurance, 60-year-old payment completed) = insurance premium 9000 yen
・ Individual pension (fixed for 10 years from 55 years old, annual amount 440,000 yen) = insurance premium 10,000 yen

● Wife
・ Life (death protection 2 million yen, 65-year-old payment completed) = insurance premium 3300 yen
・ Medical care (whole life insurance, hospitalization 8,000 yen, 65-year-old payment completed) = insurance premium 4000 yen
・ Cancer (whole life insurance) = insurance premium 1200 yen

(4) Breakdown of “electricity gas water charges 35,000 yen”
Gas 10,000 yen, water supply 15,000 yen, electricity 10,000 yen
(* Including utility bills for single employees)

(5) About the mother living together (comment from the counselor)
I am in good health now. As for the household budget, I receive 40,000 yen a month as living expenses, and I also include basic household items, utilities, food, and daily necessities. My mother pays for telephone bills, hobbies, beauty expenses, medical expenses, etc.

I think my mother earns about 70,000 yen a month from the national pension alone. In addition, it seems that he has saved about 5 million yen for his old age. It is said that funerals are family funerals, and there are graves. Apart from that, it seems that he has saved about 1 million yen for the funeral fee.

I have brothers, but I can’t take care of them, so I’ll try until the end, but I don’t think it’s possible to move into a group home, so I can continue the part while using day service. I’m thinking.

◇ Three advices from household consultant Keiko Yatsui
Advice 1: Long-term care is done with the help of various people
Advice 2: Resolve financial distress by listening
Advice 3: One of the options is to pay off by prepayment

◆ Advice 1: Nursing care is provided with the help of various people.
The husband is assigned to work alone, and the counselor, Mirin, is currently living with her mother in her own house. Is your mother around 70 years old? I’m in good health, but I’m not sure what will happen in the future.

In that sense, even if you do not need nursing care as a result, it will be necessary to prepare your mind from this age.

However, it is conceivable that only anxiety will swell even though he is still fine. It doesn’t make much sense to worry about when it will rain every day. If you really feel suspicious about going to the clouds, then you should pick up your umbrella for the first time.

Mirin may be the type who holds everything by herself. When it comes to long-term care, it is decided that you will take care of yourself.

However, if you try to do everything by yourself and drive yourself in, it will be painful for you and you will not be able to provide long-term care.

If you really need nursing care, let’s talk. I think there is a “Regional Comprehensive Support Center” in Mirin’s hometown.

Social workers and long-term care specialists form a team to provide comprehensive support to local residents. You can consult about nursing care, including paid and free volunteers. I think that long-term care should be promoted with the help of various people.

◆ Advice 2: Let’s solve financial pain by listening
It is said that there are three pains in long-term care. Physical distress, mental distress, and financial distress. As I mentioned earlier, it is very important not to hold on to yourself in order to relieve mental distress. But what about financial distress?

I don’t know if I can do it only with my mother’s savings and income (= pension). The cost varies greatly depending on the condition of the person being cared for and how much care you want to provide.

So, first of all, why not save 40,000 yen, which you are currently receiving from your mother as a living expense, as a long-term care expense. It will be 480,000 yen a year and 4.8 million yen in 10 years.

The mother’s living expenses will be taken out by that amount, but there is also savings, and I think that can be considered as the role of the child. Also, if you actually need nursing care, your mother’s pension will be fully covered.

Another thing about your mother’s savings is that “it seems that you have about 5 million yen in savings”, but at this time, why don’t you ask clearly?

Although it is a parent and child, it is a delicate issue. However, if it is necessary for long-term care, try to convince your mother. Above all, the economic part will be cleared in advance, which will help to eliminate the current anxiety, and you will not have to panic when it comes to Isa.

◆ Advice 3: One of the options is to pay off by prepayment
Regarding the couple’s old age, there seems to be little concern in terms of funding. The annual savings are about 2 million yen. If the husband keeps this pace until he is 60 years old, he will have saved 44 million yen including his current savings.

In addition, about 43,000 yen of the monthly premium of 60,000 yen is a premium for savings-type insurance. If you include that amount, the savings rate will increase further.

Since I have saved this much, I should be able to prepare a large amount of retirement funds even if the pace slows down a little (such as the cost of nursing care for my mother). Remodeling a house can be considered as a big expense in old age, but I think that it can be cleared financially including that.

And when it comes to housing, why not pay off your mortgage? Since the interest rate is 1.4% (it will increase to 2.4% in the future), it is a low interest rate, but if you are borrowing at Flat 35, you should be paying a group credit life insurance premium separately.

Including that, the real interest rate will increase by about 0.3%. If you want to save retirement funds more efficiently, you may consider paying off to raise interest payments.

The one who taught me … Keiko Yatsui

Household consultant. After graduating from university, entered a major credit union. Since I want to be in a position to recommend something that is really good for customers, I became independent as a financial planner focusing on personal consultation, and I am active in television, newspapers, magazines, etc. Also serves as a guide for All About Money.

Interview / text: Kyotake Shimizu

Sentence = Arujan Editorial Department