“Ascension when such a date comes true” Mizuki Takanashi’s smile is praised for the pool date shot in full bloom

Mizuki Takanashi, a gravure idol, updated Twitter on the 3rd (Sun) and 6th (Wed). We released a swimsuit shot by the pool that makes you miss summer.

[Photo]A swimsuit shot of Mizuki Takanashi looking into the double teeth by the pool

Mizuki Takanashi, an active female college student with an attractive F-cup bust and double teeth. In December of last year, the latest DVD “Mizukis 2” (Line Communications) was released.

Takanashi released a swimsuit shot standing by the pool on the 3rd (Sunday), saying “Pool Date”, which makes you miss summer. Furthermore, on the 6th (Wednesday), two other cuts of smiling faces with double teeth were released.

In the post, there were voices such as “Ascension when such a date comes true”, “Smile is dazzling!”, “It’s a dreamy sight”, “The style is still the best”.

▽ Mizuki Takanashi
Instagram: tkns_mzk

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