Bad Bunny starring professional wrestler Booker T in the latest music video “Booker T”

Booker T, a former wrestler and current WWE commentator, has appeared on the track “Booker T” on Puerto Rico’s rapper Bad Bunny’s latest album “El Último Tour del Mundo”.

The footage of this song, which was sampled from Booker T’s entry song “Can you dig it sucka?”, Is with Bad Bunny and former World Champion Booker T on the bed of an unknown truck. I will develop it.

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Booker T previously described his collaboration with Bad Bunny on his podcast “Hall of Fame”: “Bad Bunny has seen me make a leap forward as a professional wrestler since I was a kid. As a wrestler, or sport. He praises me for coming as a man. “,” Somewhere across the ocean, he kept watching with Booker T and what I was doing, which made me perform. I realized that I wasn’t wrong in what I was doing, even from a non-perspective. I was wondering when someone would come in with a Booker T song, because I was a heel, but this collaboration was I think it’s a sign of progress, “he said.

Bad Bunny released his third LP in 2020, “El Último Tour del Mundo” in November. He said he was planning to tour again when the pandemic settled down to finish the miserable year of 2020. “It’s the best in the world and the best ever. I feel that way and I want to be. Pandemic and lockdown. Just before that, the details for the next tour were almost decided and it was supposed to be tremendous. But now, in this situation, I don’t think so. When I finally stand on the stage It can create a new energy that is completely different from the previous plans. In addition to everything we have planned so far, we will add everything we are thinking about now. I think it will be the most special. ” Telling Rolling Stone magazine.

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