Chizuru Ikewaki starring in a series of dramas for the first time in nine years “Pounding after a long time” at the beginning of shooting

Actress Chizuru Ikewaki talked about the highlights of the Tokai TV / Fuji TV drama “Sono Onna, Jilba” (starting on the 9th, every Saturday from 23:40). Chizuru Ikewaki = Provided by Tokai TV 40-year-old Shin Fuebuki (Ikewaki), who was about to give up his life, opened the door of the super-aged mature woman BAR “OLD JACK & ROSE” and influenced the influence of mature hostesses who lived brightly and positively in any era. The drama begins to move forward. Ikewaki, who starred in the serial drama for the first time in nine years, said, “(The script) is a very long excerpt from the original, and there are many pages of conversations with everyone, so it’s been a while. “I was thrilled,” he said, looking back at the beginning of the shoot. “I think it will be a work that attracts people who turn on the TV at night,” he said. The role of Ikewaki is a 40-year-old woman who has been relegated from a major department store and works at a distribution center. It seems that she is spending her time in a relaxed mood, such as having a women’s talk with her colleague Mika Muraki and Sei Matobu, who play the role of Sumire Hamada and Noriko Eguchi, who are the team leaders of the distribution center. On the other hand, in the scene of BAR “OLD JACK & ROSE”, Ikewaki says, “It’s the first time for me to have many older sisters as co-stars. Everyone is very bright, more powerful than me, and I can hear their voices.” As you can see, Yoshiko Nakada and Masami Hisamoto, who play the role of a mature hostess, are constantly smiling at the jokes of “sisters”.