45-year-old housewife, savings 3.5 million yen.Both couples do not have insurance

◆ Both couples have not joined. I don’t know what kind of guarantee is needed …
The name “Money Plan Clinic” is the answer to your household concerns. The counselor this time is a housewife in her 40s who is worried about not having insurance. Mr. Yasuhiko Fukano, a financial planner, will be in charge.

◇ Consultant
Mr. K
Female / Housewife / 45 years old
Niigata / Owned house condominium

◇ Family structure
Husband (43 years old, civil servant), eldest daughter (12 years old), eldest son (7 years old)

◇ Consultation content
Neither couple has life insurance or medical insurance. We have home insurance, automobile insurance, earthquake insurance, etc.

I want to get a job soon (desired monthly income of 150,000 yen). I would like to consider taking out insurance, but there are too many types to decide. Where should I consult and what kind of insurance should I consider?

◇ Household income and expenditure data
The chart shows Mr. K’s household income and expenditure data.

◇ Supplementary household income and expenditure data
(1) How to use the bonus (annual)
Savings 300,000 yen, mortgage bonus payment 200,000 yen, husband’s childhood 200,000 yen, travel 300,000 yen, taxes 150,000 yen, children’s education expenses (school, private school) etc. compensation 350,000 yen

(2) About mortgages
Use Niigata Rokin “Dwelling-1000 (Unsecured Mortgage)”
Refinance to the above loan, interest rate 2.35%, bonus monthly bonus 100,000 yen, loan balance 6.1 million yen

(3) Breakdown of “Insurance premium 2000 yen”
・ Eldest daughter / eldest son / mutual aid (hospitalization 6000 yen, injured outpatient 2000 yen, etc.) = insurance premium 1000 yen x 2 people

◇ Three advices from FP Yasuhiko Fukano
Advice 1: First, let’s sort out the reasons for insurance
Advice 2: Leave the option of “not joining”
Advice 3: I want to raise awareness of increasing savings

◆ Advice 1: First, let’s sort out the reasons for insurance
It is said that both couples are not insured, but before choosing a product, it is a good idea to first sort out why you are insured.

Death protection is to provide financial support to the bereaved family in the unlikely event of a husband or wife. In general, you can think of it as covering the living expenses and educational expenses of the family until the child graduates from school and becomes a member of society.

Of course, not all of it is covered by insurance. It is necessary to consider the public survivor’s pension, the condolence system of the place of employment, savings, income of the survivor, etc.

Another thing to consider is to keep the insurance to the minimum necessary and to secure it with products with low insurance premiums. In the case of Mr. K, it is necessary to prepare education funds and retirement funds beyond that. The fact that insurance premiums are a burden on the household and cannot be saved is the end of the story.

◆ Advice 2: Leave the option of “not joining”
By the way, regarding the amount of death protection for the husband, there are uncertainties and it cannot be said unconditionally, but if the wife works at the owner’s house, the minimum required is around 20 million yen as the child’s education expenses + reserve expenses. Isn’t it the limit? If you can afford the household budget, you can use whole life insurance, but we recommend that you secure it with cheap term life insurance or mutual aid.

Also, regarding the death protection for his wife, he said that he will be working soon, so that will support his household to some extent. Depending on your income, 5 to 10 million yen may be appropriate.

As for medical insurance, considering that you can use the high-cost medical care system

of health insurance and that the length of hospital stay is shortening, 5,000 yen for hospitalization is a guide. With a fixed-term payment type. If you have a cancer family, you may consider plus cancer insurance. However, medical expenses can often be covered with savings. Health insurance is not always necessary.

If you can make the final decision on where to consult, I think you can use a store-visit insurance agency. However, the agency’s proposal does not have the option of “not joining.” However, you should leave that option within yourself.
◆ Advice 3: I want to raise awareness of increasing savings

I didn’t consult with you, but about your household budget.

Looking at the income and expenditure data, the income is 370,000 yen and the expenditure is 347,000 yen. I am worried that at present, I can only save about the children’s allowance every month. In the case of Mr. K, raising educational funds is the first purpose of big savings, so please raise your savings awareness toward that.

Specifically, if it is public up to high school, the educational expenses that should be prepared in advance = university expenses. However, even if it is a university, the cost incurred depends on the course and the location of the university (including remittance costs if it is outside the prefecture), but one person will be charged for the university in private liberal arts (admission fee, tuition fee, etc.) 4 million yen, 8 million yen for 2 people will be a guide.

Of course, if your wife’s income is added, you can save almost all of it. Three years later, the mortgage will be paid off and the pace of savings will increase, so you should probably be able to prepare for education. However, I don’t know if my wife will continue to work as she wishes. I think you should always be conscious of reviewing your household budget, eliminating waste and increasing your savings.

Available to public health insurance subscribers. If the monthly medical expenses exceed a certain amount, the excess will be covered by health insurance. Generally, the upper limit of the out-of-pocket expenses is less than 90,000 yen (when the income category is “general”). Depending on the health insurance association at your place of employment, there may be a system to further reduce the out-of-pocket cost.

The one who taught me … Mr. Yasuhiko Fukano

One of the veteran FPs familiar at the Money Plan Clinic. Through various media, we provide information on general money-related matters such as household management methods and investment enlightenment. All About Also active as a savings and investment trust guide.

Interview / text: Kyotake Shimizu

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