Akane Hotta, Yui Okada and love battle !? Appeared in the second episode of “Edo Moisel”

Actress Akane Hotta will be broadcasting the Yomiuri TV / NTV drama “Edo Moisel-Reiwa de Koi, Shinsu.” ~ ”(Every Thursday 23: 59 ~) will appear as a guest in the second episode. The drama in which Yui Okada (left) and Akane Hotta = provided by Yomiuri TV, Oiran and Senka (Yui Okada) from Edo come back in time to Reiwa. The first episode of the broadcast on the 7th ended with a scene where Senka (Yui Okada) could not hide his excitement when he found Naojiro and two young presidents, Torii (Koki Maeda), who had been thinking about it in the Edo period. .. Hotta, who appears in the second episode, plays a woman named Ayako Takatsu, who overlaps with such a torii and Aise alone. Okada and Hotta both transferred their agencies from the same Oscar promotion last year, but what kind of love battle will be fought between the two women over the torii? Hotta said, “I thought it was a very fun work, starting with fantasy and packed with many other elements. The Senka played by Mr. Okada, who I played with, was very exciting to watch and modern society. I felt that it was necessary for me. I think it’s a work that has a good tempo and can be watched non-stop until the end! The role of Ayako Takatsu, who I played this time, was a type of woman I had never played before. It was a challenge for me, but I was able to finish the shooting in a warm and fun atmosphere. Please watch the program to see what kind of woman Ayako is! ” In the same drama, the original story will be distributed on Hulu after each episode after the 7th episode scheduled to be broadcast on February 18. The back side of the love triangle over Senka is drawn.