“It is our mission to convey the appeal of men’s professionals to golf fans,” says Ryuko Tokimatsu as a player chairman.

Shigeki Maruyama, a professional golfer, serves as a personality on the TOKYO FM program “English Ark presents Shigeki Maruyama MOVING SATURDAY”. Continuing from the previous broadcast on Saturday, January 2, professional golfer Ryuko Tokimatsu appeared.

Ryuko Tokimatsu (left) and personality Shigeki Maruyama

◆ Baseball grip, synonymous with Tokimatsu professional

Maruyama: What do you want to do in the golf world as a player chairman?

Tokimatsu: Last year, all games were held without spectators (due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection). I think that it is the job and mission of professional golfers to show customers (play), so I would like the gallery to come to see the game (quickly converge).

Maruyama: Since the off-season is long, I would like to hear a bright story (for this season) early to keep my motivation.

Tokimatsu: That’s right.

Maruyama: Gen-chan (nicknamed Genzo) is a baseball grip (ten finger grip), but did your father teach you?

Tokimatsu: I learned from Professor Shinozuka (Takehisa). When I first started, I had no knowledge of golf, so I think I was playing baseball.

Maruyama: I was about 5 years old. You’ve never put your thumb on it and grabbed it, right?

Tokimatsu: Yes. When I was a junior, various professionals often said, “That grip is …”. Although I thought that I was different from other people, Professor Shinozuka (Takehisa) always said that I was not wrong, so I had mixed feelings, but I thought I should continue.

Maruyama: I see. I used a baseball grip from the middle, but isn’t it a hook on the left and right? I think Gen-chan’s weak point is the approach. You can take a simple approach, but you don’t seem to be very good at the challenge approach.

Tokimatsu: I hate it.

Maruyama: I think it’s okay to have some arrangement of the right hand of the grip. If you can’t slice it a little, you can’t kill the momentum of the ball, so do you want to make the back of your left hand a week? Gen-chan is a shut shut (both left and right), right? I’m good at hitting hard, but I’m not good at hitting softly, right?

Tokimatsu: Yes. I’m following Maruyama Pro, but I can’t understand what my body says (bitter smile).

Maruyama: I think it would be completely different if we could hit more openly. Let’s play golf together somewhere again.

Tokimatsu: Please do.

◆ What about Ryuko Tokimatsu’s off-season?

Maruyama: What kind of off-season does Gen-chan always spend?

Tokimatsu: Since I’m in Fukuoka, I have a golf course that I belong to, so basically, unless it’s heavy rain or heavy snow, I think I’m playing golf somewhere on the premises of the golf course (laughs).

Maruyama: What about the physical part?

Tokimatsu: I only run for 30 minutes.

Maruyama: It’s really my style (laughs).

Tokimatsu: I don’t have a trainer, so I don’t know which one is the correct answer … I think I’ll have to have a trainer someday.

Maruyama: Right? Isn’t it okay?

Tokimatsu: Last year, the time came when Bryson DeChambeau flew 400 yards, and I’m 250-260 yards.

Maruyama: That’s not true. It’s over 280 yards.

Tokimatsu: Good luck and shake.

Maruyama: That’s okay. Because it’s a style. Even if I try to be like him and get bigger by training, I don’t think Japanese players will be so fast. A player who flies over 320 yards is a person who has the original qualities, right?

Tokimatsu: Certainly.

Maruyama: After all, golf is a balance, and even if you watch the end of last year’s “Golf Nippon Series JT Cup,” I think it’s a place where you can save par properly in such situations. How about hitting a bogey at number 18 and easily handing the trophy to Chan Kim? I feel like I’ve forgotten the most important part, the tighter part than the shot.

◆ Aiming for the championship in 2021

Maruyama: As a player chairman and as a player, I would like to hear about your aspirations for this year.

Tokimatsu: Personally, I haven’t won the championship since 2018, so I’ll do my best to aim for that. As a player chairman, I think it is my mission to convey the appeal of men’s professionals to golf fans nationwide.

Maruyama: Yeah.

Tokimatsu: Recently, young people are very energetic, so there are some veteran troupes who are doing regular tours with seniors and wearing two pairs of waraji while watching them. I think that having players of about the age of parents and children in the same field is a good thing that only a male professional can do, so I hope you will support us this year as well.

The next broadcast on Saturday, January 9th will be delivered with former professional baseball player Shinya Miyamoto as a guest. looking forward to!

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