King & Prince Ren Nagase, 2021 goals are “early sleep” and “do not bite”

Ren Nagase of King & Prince talked about his aspirations for this year in the radio program “King & Prince Ren Nagase’s Radio GARDEN” (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting / every Thursday from 23:30 to 23:45). Nagase muttered, “I want to do a live performance,” about the goal for 2021. Last year, King & Prince performed a live stream with no audience, but he said, “Because there are no audience, you probably have a lot of people. If you meet us, you’ll probably find a child who faints. I think I’ve accumulated a lot. Anyway, I want to loosen that stiffness. So my goal is to live, “he sent a message to the fans. In addition, he says that his personal goal is “early sleep”, and he confesses that “I’ve been sleeping at 3-4 o’clock lately. I don’t get sleepy. I’m afraid that aging will accelerate if I keep doing this.” .. Continuing on, he declared that he wouldn’t bite into this year’s goal, but he immediately got caught up in the program title and said, “Oh! It’s dangerous! It’s no good right away. This year’s goal is NG. “…” with a bitter smile. The program can be listened to on radiko within a week after the broadcast (only for Premier members outside the area).