Toshiya Miyata plays drums in a suit! “I want to make a cool decision”

Toshiya Miyata, a derivative unit of Kis-My-Ft2, will perform a drum performance on the TBS special program “UTAGE!” (19: 00-22: 54), which will be broadcast on the 8th. In Mynavi News, we covered the recording that was done the other day. I will introduce the situation at that time. “UTAGE!” New Year Request 4 Hours Special This time, under the title of “UTAGE! New Year Request 4 Hours Special”, artists will respond to viewers’ requests and take on various challenges and collaborations. In the “Jazz” project, Chris Hart, who will appear in “UTAGE!” For the first time in about four years, will sing Nat King Cole’s masterpiece “LOVE”, and Miyata will participate in the drums. Miyata has been playing drums on the same program, but this is his first jazz challenge. Before the performance, Miyata was enthusiastic in a suit, saying, “I want to make a cool decision!” At the end of the performance, there is also a scene where he shows a doy face saying “I am a jazzman!”. What was the reaction of MC Masahiro Nakai who saw the one-night session !? (C) TBS