What is the appeal of “Parasite”? Tomohiro Machiyama gives a thorough explanation “This is an omnidirectional movie”

The unemployed Kim family living in a “semi-underground” house in Seoul gradually begins to parasite the Park family living in a high-class house on a hill, and goes into an unexpected situation. Family ”. He won the Palme d’Or at the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival, and won the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and International Feature Film Awards (formerly Foreign Language Film Awards) at the 92nd Academy Awards, just one year ago last year. It was released in theaters in Japan in March and became a huge hit. This topical work has started unlimited viewing on the video distribution platform “TELASA”. We asked movie critic Tomohiro Machiyama, who is in charge of the audio commentary version of the simultaneous start, and highly praises “This is an omnidirectional movie!” * Editor’s note: This article also includes some content that explains the story development. Please be careful if you want to watch the movie without knowing it. Movie “Parasite Semi-Underground Family” (C) 2019 CJ ENM CORPORATION, BARUNSON E & A ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

■ There are real “semi-underground” houses in South Korea

At the center of the story is a family living in the “semi-basement” mentioned in the title. The curtain opens with a depiction of a “semi-underground” house where the Kim family of four, a mother, son, and daughter, lives, centered on the father who plays the famous actor Son Gumbo. “Maybe many people feel that it’s a fiction for a movie. But as anyone who knows the situation in South Korea knows, such a” semi-underground “house actually exists. Originally, it’s north. It was built as an air raid shelter for when Korea attacked. After that, the land price in Seoul was rising and it became difficult to live, so it was rented out as an apartment. So, in fact, a huge number of people lived there. It is not an exaggeration to say that there is a toilet (sewage) higher than the position where we are sitting, it is a reality. On the other hand, a lot of tremendous millionaires including IT people came out. A sudden disparity society has occurred in South Korea. ”Director Pong Juno built his work under strict control based on the real social situation. “Anyway, the details are thoroughly made and calculated. It’s a movie with almost no digging. First of all. It starts from a very narrow place called” semi-basement “and it doesn’t show the sky very much. Noisy crowds keep coming in, from which the paintings gradually spread as they approach the rich Park’s house, where they will infiltrate, and on the way to Park’s house. At the end, the surrounding sounds disappear quickly. Actually, both the Kim family and the Park family are made as a set, not as a location. It is a set made by the director himself drawing drawings. All made. The stage and sound are all calculated. It’s been done. ”The Park family is so beautiful that you can sigh, but it doesn’t meet the building standards and it’s actually hard to live in. But at first glance, it looks like a great location. In fact, Alejandro González Inharitu (“Babel”, “Birdman or (an unexpected miracle of ignorance)”), who was the chief judge of the competition at the Cannes Film Festival, said, “The location is very good.” He told Pon Juno that he was surprised to learn that everything was a set. Furthermore, according to Mr. Machiyama’s audio commentary version, the beautiful open garden seen from the large living room of the Park family is also an image fitted with a green background.